Lot 3, range 3, Eardley Township


Lot 3 (i.e. both 3A and 3C) in Range 3, Eardley Township, became “Hurdman home farm” in 1844. On the map above, Lot 3 is 3C with the highway cutting diagonally across it, and the rectangle immediately to the north (3A). Each rectangle is 100 acres, 880 yards by 550 yards. Range 3 lies between Maple Lane and Elm Road, which are concession roads, one mile apart (1.6 km). Around 2004 the Ministère des Ressources naturelles (etc) reformed the “Québec cadastre” and the Range and Lot system was replaced by 7 digit numbers.

The 1844 deed lists previous owners:

  1. 23 September 1834: Lewis Gugy, Sheriff of District of Montreal (i.e. land agent/Crown land), sold all of lot 3 range 3, Township of Eardley, District of Montreal, Province of Canada, to John Sanford.

  2. 17 August 1840: John Sanford sold all of lot 3 range 3 to Thomas William Charles Moore.

  3. 9 July 1844: Thomas William Charles Moore sold all of lot 3 range 3 to John Boston.

  1. 23 July 1844: John Boston of City of Montreal, Sheriff, sold all of lot 3 range 3 to Henry Herdman (Senior), for £350 (Province of Canada), £200 down and £150 plus interest within 4 years, land as security.

Mortgage was discharged on 28 April 1846 by payment of £165 15 shillings (6% p.a. interest).

  1. 13 Sept 1851: Henry Herdman the Elder sold south half (lot 3C) Township of Eardley, County of Ottawa, District of Montreal, Province of Lower Canada, to Henry Herdman (the younger, his son, Yeoman), 100 acres, including the house and barn thereon erected, for £325.

  2. 13 Sept 1851: North half (3A) sold by Henry Herdman Sr. to William Maxwell Herdman.

  3. 25 March 1853: Sale of north half (3A) by William Maxwell Herdman to his brother Henry Herdman junior, for £300.

Perhaps in 1853 they switched ownership of the two halves, but I don’t have the record of William buying the south half. By the 1861 census, William owned the south half (3C).

In the 1861 census William and Mary were living in a one-and-a-half storey log house on the south half of lot 3. In addition to the original 100 acres they now owned a 15 acre part of lot 4, with river access. (This was later increased to about 31 acres of lot 4, described as 4F.) Their three daughters were Isabella (7), Elizabeth (6) and Margaret Jane (2). Michel Derois (17) lived with them (his family had a farm on Range 6), and he worked as a labourer. (Their only son, Alexander died in 1858, age 11 months.)

The 1861 agricultural census has a lot of information on their farm:

under cultivation 53.5 acres; crops 32.5 acres; pasture 23 acres; garden 0 acres; wood or wild 59.5 acres; cash value $2800; machinery+ $117; 2 pleasure carriages worth $154;

livestock worth $503: 7 milch cows, 2 horses value $160, 2 colt or filly, 4 sheep, 5 pigs, 4 young steers or heifers.

Crops in the previous year: spring wheat 5 acres; peas 6 acres; oats 5 acres; buckwheat 0.75 acres; Indian corn 2.25 acres; potatoes 3 acres; beans 13.5 acres. Hay 14 tons.

1200 lbs butter, 5 x 200 lb pork barrels.

(Information on other farms in Eardley township in 1861 census.)

19 Jan 1943: Margaret Jane Hurdman died. Will registered 17 March 1943, Gatineau, bequeathed usufruct of property to her sister Mary Emma Hurdman, wife of John A Williams, this usufruct devolved to her husband John A Williams at her death, and to his adopted son Leonard Williams (died 28 July 1939, St-Paul d’Aylmer), and finally usufruct and ownership bequeathed to Clarence Hurdman Godwin (grandson of William Herdman, died 14 February 1964) or his children.

21 January 1945: Mary Emma Hurdman (Mrs John Williams) died (Aylmer United Church). She owned 15/36 of property as well as having usufruct from her sister to remaining 21/36 property. Property goes to John Williams for his lifetime, then to nephew Clarence Hurdman Godwin as absolute owner.

2 June 1964: John A. Williams died (St-Paul d’Aylmer), property goes to Godwin child.

9 May 1973: Eric Godwin sold lots 3C and 4F, range 3, Eardley township to Duncan Alexander Olmsted for $40,000.

5 Jan 1987: Assessed value of 3C and 4F including all buildings: $122,675.

5 August 1988: Lot 3C and 4F in third range, Township of Eardley, Registry division of Gatineau, sold by estate of Duncan Alexander Olmsted to James Laidlaw and Alice Callow.


Hurdman home farm from 1844.