Notable trees in Pontiac

and surrounding area


The Challenge

Create a list of notable trees in the municipality of Pontiac, the MRC des Collines, MRC Pontiac, or even the Outaouais region. A tree may be notable because it is old, large or rare, or because of some interesting historic or cultural connection - perhaps it was planted to commemorate an event.

To start the ball rolling, here is my list of individual trees that may be in the area. I have now started measuring (circumference in cm at 1.4 m height, and estimating height in m) and photographing, and adding details. You probably know of many larger or more interesting individuals. Please send in your nominations to <>.

How to measure trees:


In 1994 the Association forestière québécoise (AFQ) published a Répertoire - Les arbres remarquables du Québec, as an issue of the magazine Forêt Conservation. The Répertoire (in French) is in the Bowater library in Gatineau (other branches can request it) and is still available for $7 plus tax and shipping from:

The Société internationale d’arboriculture - Québec (SIAQ) and others produced the Répertoire by updating a list started by Montréal’s botanic garden in 1977, which identified 90 champion trees along the St. Lawrence river.

Among other organizations, the City of Aylmer advertised for nominations for remarkable trees to produce the 1994 Répertoire. As an example, the largest butternut tree (Juglans cinerea, Noyer cendré) in Aylmer at that time was found on the Royal Ottawa golf course. But the champion in Québec was in Charlesbourg, 16.3 m high and 268 cm in circumference (1.4 m above ground level), planted about 1850.

The only “notable” tree in the Outaouais listed in the 1994 Répertoire is a Black ash (Fraxinus nigra, Frêne noir) in Bouchette.

Ulmus americana  American Elm  Orme d’Amerique