Les arbres notables, Notable trees,

de la Municipalité de Pontiac, et de l’Outaouais,


This list includes several shrubs or very small trees. Measurements of Quebec champion or notable trees from the 1994 repertoire are given - circumference in cm at 1.4 m from ground, estimated height in m, and spread (cime) in m.

Abies balsamea, Balsam fir, Sapin baumier

circ. 144 cm, ht. 23.8 m, spread/cime 5.2 m.

Acer ginnala, Amur maple, Érable de l’Amur

circ. 148 cm, ht. 6.7 m, spread/cime 7.6 m.

Acer negundo, Manitoba maple, Érable à giguère

circ. 348 cm, ht. 22.0 m, spread/cime 19.2 m.

Female trees produce many seeds - important winter food for mice, squirrels and Evening grosbeaks, but a nuisance in gardens. Weak spreading branches often broken by wet snow, ice and wind. Banned in City of Gatineau. Will grow almost anywhere, and can look interesting. acer-juglans-m

Acer nigrum† , Black maple, Érable noir

Acer pensylvanicum, Striped maple, Érable de Pennsylvanie

circ. 67 cm, ht. 7.4 m, spread/cime 5.1 m.

Acer platanoides, Norway maple, Érable de Norvège

circ. 562 cm, ht. 14.0 m, spread/cime 18.0 m.

Acer rubrum, Red maple, Érable rouge

circ. 218 cm, ht. 17.6 m, spread/cime 10.4 m.

Acer saccharinum, Silver maple, Érable argenté

circ. 550 cm, ht. 26.0 m, spread/cime 26.1 m.

Acer saccharum, Sugar maple, Érable à sucre

circ. 585 cm, ht. 32.4 m, spread/cime 25.0 m.


Acer spicatum, Mountain maple, Érable à épis

Aesculus glabra, Ohio buckeye, Marronnier de l’Ohio

circ. 201 cm, ht. 8.5 m, spread/cime 6.3 m.

Aesculus hippocastanum, Horsechestnut, Marronnier d’Inde

circ. 194 cm, ht. 13.9 m, spread/cime 11.9 m.

Alnus incana ssp rugosa, Speckled alder, Aulne rugueux

Alnus viridis ssp crispa, Green alder, Aulne crispé

Amelanchier arborea, Downy serviceberry , Amélanchier arborescent

Amelanchier laevis, Smooth serviceberry , Amélanchier glabre

Bronwyn Chester’s article on Serviceberry trees

Betula alleghaniensis, Yellow birch, Bouleau jaune

circ. 491 cm, ht. 28.0 m, spread/cime 10.0 m.             

Québec’s provincial tree.          

L’emblème du Québec.    

Betula cordifolia, Mountain Paper birch, Bouleau à feuilles cordées

Betula papyrifera, White birch, Bouleau à papier

circ. 307 cm, ht. 18.5 m, spread/cime 19.5 m.

Betula pendula, European white birch, silver birch, Bouleau blanc d’Europe

circ. 206 cm, ht. 21.6 m, spread/cime 14.2 m.

Caragana arborescens, Siberian pea-tree, Caraganier de Sibérie

Flowering in mid-May.

Carpinus caroliniana ssp. virginiana*, Blue beech, Charme de Caroline

circ. 132 cm, ht. 6.3 m, spread/cime 9.3 m.


Carya cordiformis, Bitternut hickory, Caryer cordiforme/ à noix amères

circ. 291 cm, ht. 28.0 m, spread/cime 18.0 m.

acer-juglans-m    young-trees

Carya ovata, Shagbark hickory, Caryer ovale/ à noix douces

circ. 320 cm, ht. 17.0 m, spread/cime 16.0 m.

acer-juglans-m      young-trees

Catalpa speciosa, Northern catalpa, Catalpa du Nord/ de l’Ouest

circ. 303 cm, ht. 16.0 m, spread/cime 13.8 m.

Celtis occidentalis, Hackberry, Micocoulier occidental

circ. 360 cm, ht. 19.0 m, spread/cime 13.5 m.

Cephalanthus occidentalis*, Buttonbush, Céphalante occidental

Cornus alternifolia, Alternate-leaved dogwood, Cornouiller à feuilles alternes

Cornus amomum (ssp. obliqua), Oblique dogwood, Silky dogwood, Cornouiller oblique

Cornus rugosa*, Round-leaved dogwood, Cornouiller rugueux

Cornus stolonifera/sericea, Red osier dogwood, Cornouiller stolonifère/ Hart rouge

Corylus americana, American hazel, Noisetier d’Amérique

Corylus cornuta ssp. c., Beaked hazel, Noisetier à lng bec

Crataegus chrysocarpa var. chr. , Fireberry hawthorn, Aubépine dorée

Crataegus crudelis , Cruel hawthorn, Aubépine cruelle

Crataegus flabellata , Fanleaf hawthorn, Aubépine flabelliforme

Crataegus macrantha , Scarlet haw, Aubépine à épines longues

Crataegus punctata, Dotted hawthorn, Aubépine à fruits ponctués

circ. 130 cm, ht. 6.5 m, spread/cime 11.7 m.

Crataegus spp., Hawthorn, Les aubépines

Crataegus submollis , Quebec hawthorn, Aubépine subsoyeus

Flowering in mid-May.

Euonymus alatus, Burning bush, Fusain ailé

Fagus grandifolia, American beech, Hêtre à grandes feuilles

circ. 415 cm, ht. 14.7 m, spread/cime 17.8 m.

acer-juglans-m       young-trees

Fraxinus americana, White ash, Frêne blanc/ d’Amérique

circ. 411 cm, ht. 35.3 m, spread/cime 17.5 m.

Fraxinus pennsylvanica v austini, Northern red ash, Frêne d’Austin

Fraxinus nigra, Black ash, Frêne noir

circ. 300 cm, ht. 23.0 m, spread/cime 19.4 m.

circ. 85 - 87 cm, 2 trunks/2 troncs, Bouchette, rang VIII (notable).

Ginkgo biloba, Ginkgo, Gingko

circ. 375 cm, ht. 17.0 m, spread/cime 13.0 m.

Gleditsia triacanthos inermis, Honey locust, Févier sans épine

circ. 248 cm, ht. 19.0 m, spread/cime 19.8 m.

Gymnocladus dioicus, Kentucky coffee tree, Chicot du Canada

circ. 293 cm, ht. 30.0 m, spread/cime 20.0 m.

Bronwen Chester’s article on les chicots

Hamamelis virginiana, Witch hazel, Hamamélis de Virginie


Ilex verticillata, Winterberry holly, Houx verticillé


Juglans cinerea*, Butternut, Noyer cendré

circ. 268 cm, ht. 16.3 m, spread/cime 17.5 m. (Champion in 1994, Charlesbourg, 1ère Avenue)

Many butternuts in Breckenridge. Largest one at 1620 route 148 is:

circ. 332 cm, ht. 21.2 m, spread/cime  ? m.  New Champion?  acer-juglans-m

Juglans nigra, Black walnut, Noyer noir

circ. 310 cm, ht. 19.5 m, spread/cime 13.0 m. (Champion in 1994, Mercier)

There are quite a lot of black walnuts in Aylmer and Breckenridge. Largest one at 1620 route 148 is:

circ. 210 cm, ht. 24.1 m, spread/cime  ? m.  acer-juglans-m

Juniperus communis var. depressa, Common juniper, Genévrier commun


Juniperus virginiana var. crebra ®, Eastern redcedar, Genévrier de Virginie                          

Eardley Escarpment in Gatineau Park contains 80% of the Juniperus virginiana in Québec.


Juniperus sp., Juniper, Genévrier

circ. 179 cm, ht. 10.5 m, spread/cime  7.2 m.

Larix laricina, Tamarack, Mélèze laricin

circ. 275 cm, ht. 22.0 m, spread/cime  17.7 m.

Malus coronaria, Wild crab apple, Pommier odorant

Flowering in mid-May.

Malus pumila/sylvestris, Wild apple, Pommier sauvage

circ. 243 cm, ht. 12.5 m, spread/cime  7.0 m.

Flowering in mid-May.

Nemopanthus mucronatus, Mountain-holly, Némopanthe mucroné

Ostrya virginiana, Ironwood, Ostryer de Virginie

circ. 215 cm, ht. 14.0 m, spread/cime  8.3 m.


Picea abies (>100 cultivars), Norway spruce, Épinette de Norvège

circ. 362 cm, ht. 19.6 m, spread/cime  15.5 m.

Picea glauca, White spruce, Épinette blanche

circ. 304 cm, ht. 24.0 m, spread/cime  12.2 m.


Picea mariana, Black spruce, Épinette noire

circ. 151 cm, ht. 24.7 m, spread/cime  2.0 m.

Picea pungens, Colorado spruce, Épinette du Colorado

“Just outside Shawville stands a 56 foot (17.23 m) Christmas tree on the property of Trevor and Suzanne Howard. When lit with 550 lights the gigantic blue spruce can be seen from Hwy 148 ... the largest decorated tree in Québec.” Extra 26 Dec 2008.

Picea rubens, Red spruce, Épinette rouge

circ. 187 cm, ht. 24.2 m, spread/cime  9.5 m.

Pinus banksiana, Jack pine, Pin gris

Flowering in mid-May.

Pinus resinosa, Red pine, Pin rouge

circ. 246 cm, ht. 21.3 m, spread/cime  13.0 m.

Pinus strobus, Eastern white pine, Pin blanc

circ. 467 cm, ht. 33.0 m, spread/cime  8.0 m.

Pinus sylvestris, Scots pine, Pin sylvestre


Populus balsamifera ssp. b., Balsam poplar, Peuplier baumier

circ. 310 cm, ht. 27.5 m, spread/cime  17.3 m.

Populus deltoides, Eastern cottonwood, Peuplier à feuilles deltoïdes

circ. 704 cm, ht. 31.0 m, spread/cime  15.5 m.

Populus grandidentata, Largetooth aspen, Peuplier à grands dents

circ. 397 cm, ht. 23.0 m, spread/cime  17.7 m.

Populus nigra, Lombardy poplar, Peuplier de Lombardie

circ. 313 cm, ht. 30.7 m, spread/cime  4.8 m.


Populus tremuloides, Trembling aspen, Peuplier faux tremble

circ. 370 cm, ht. 26.0 m, spread/cime  8.0 m.

Prunus nigra, Canada plum, Prunier noir

White flowers in early May, before the leaves, and before other hedgerow trees. Very pretty.

prunus n album

Prunus pensylvanica, Pin cherry, Cerisier de Pennsylvanie

Prunus serotina, Black cherry, Cerisier d’automne

Prunus virginiana ssp. v., Choke cherry, Cerisier de Virginie

Flowering in mid-May.

Pyrus communis, Pear, Poirier commun


Quercus alba, White oak, Chêne blanc

circ. 314 cm, ht. 33.7 m, spread/cime  20.5 m.

Quercus macrocarpa, Bur oak, Chêne à gros fruits

circ. 520 cm, ht. 21.0 m, spread/cime  21.5 m

juniperus-ulmus-m.    young-trees

Quercus palustris, Pin oak, Chêne des marais

circ. 157 cm, ht. 19.5 m, spread/cime  12.1 m.

Quercus rubra, Red oak, Chêne rouge

circ. 610 cm, ht. 23.0 m, spread/cime  22.0 m.


Rhamnus cathartica, European buckthorn, Nerprun cathartique

Rhamnus frangula , Glossy buckthorn, Nerprun bourdaine

Rhus typhina, Staghorn sumac, Sumac vinaigrier

Robinia pseudoacacia, Black locust, Robinier faux-acacia

circ. 287 cm, ht. 20.0 m, spread/cime  13.0 m.

Salix alba v. tristis, Golden weeping willow, Saule pleureur doré

circ. 550 cm, ht. 30.0 m, spread/cime  24.0 m.


Salix amygdaloides, Peachleaf willow, Saule à feuilles de pêcher

Salix bebbiana, Bebb willow, Saule de Bebb

Salix discolor, Pussy willow, Saule discolore

Salix exigua /interior, Sandbar willow, Saule de l’Interior

Salix fragilis, Crack willow, Saule fragile

circ. 485 cm, ht. 22.0 m, spread/cime  20.5 m.

Salix alba x S. fragilis , Hybrid white willow, Saule blanc

Salix lucida ssp. lucida, Shining willow, Saule brillant

Salix nigra, Black willow, Saule noir

Salix pentandra, Laurel willow, Saule laurier

circ. 310 cm, ht. 16.0 m, spread/cime  14.2 m.

Salix petiolaris, Meadow willow, Saule à long pétiole

Sambucus canadensis, Canadian elder, Sureau du Canada

Sambucus racemosa ssp. pubens, Red-berried elder, Sureau rouge

Sorbus americana, American mountain-ash, Sorbier d’Amérique

circ. 262 cm, ht. 12.4 m, spread/cime  12.9 m.


Sorbus aucuparia (Pyrus), European mountain-ash, rowan tree, Sorbier des oiseleurs

Sorbus decora, Showy mountain-ash, Sorbier decoratif

Syringa vulgaris, Common lilac, Lilas commun

Taxus canadensis, Canada Yew (Ground Hemlock), If du Canada

Thuja occidentalis, Eastern white cedar, Thuya occidental

circ. 476 cm, ht. 17.0 m, spread/cime  11.4 m.

Tilia americana, Basswood, Tilleul d’Amérique

circ. 310 cm, ht. 26.0 m, spread/cime  15.0 m.

One at 1583 route 148 is circ. 366 cm, ht. 11m, spread/cime  ? m.  juniperus-ulmus-m

Tsuga canadensis, Eastern hemlock, Pruche de l’Est

circ. 376 cm, ht. 23.8 m, spread/cime  15.0 m.

Ulmus americana, White elm, Orme d’Amérique

circ. 612 cm, ht. 24.0 m, spread/cime  14.0 m.  juniperus-ulmus-m

Ulmus pumila, Siberian elm, Orme de Sibérie

Flowering in mid-May.

Ulmus rubra, Slippery elm, Orme rouge


Ulmus thomasii†, Rock elm, Orme liège

circ. 184 cm, ht. 22.8 m, spread/cime  10.0 m.

Rare in Quebec, but many in Breckenridge hedgerows. juniperus-ulmus-m

Zanthoxylum americanum, Common prickly-ash, Clavalier d’Amérique

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