26 May 2000

M. Rolland Dion, Commissaire
c/o Municipalité de Pontiac
2024 route 148,
Pontiac J0X 2G0

Dear M. Dion

Thank you for meeting me and other members of the Association des Riverains CP Rail last Wednesday. We were very happy to hear that a study will be carried out within the next few months to determine the best routes for bicycle trails connecting trails in MRC Pontiac, Aylmer and Gatineau Park.

While this study is underway and following the successful opening of the PPJ Cycloparc, we could proceed immediately with a pilot project from Wyman to Quyon, using MacKechnie, Clarendon, St. John and Onslow as chaussées designées. (see map below).

This route is already paved, it carries little traffic, and is not a high speed road. According to the Ministère des transports, the only modifications required to make it a chaussée designée would be signs, and pictograms of a bicycle painted on the route at intervals to remind drivers and cyclists that they share the same roadway. (see Partageons la route).

At minimal cost our municipality would have a designated bicycle route connecting the PPJ Cycloparc to Quyon (and on to Ontario by the Quyon ferry), as a first stage for future links to other trails. This would immediately benefit the people of Quyon and the whole municipality of Pontiac, as well as the neighbouring municipalities in MRC Pontiac.

Possible costs1 :
1. No expropriation is required.
2. No grading, site preparation or paving would be required.
3. Parking lots may be required at each end. In Quyon there is a large parking lot near the ferry dock which may belong to the Lion’s Club—perhaps they are willing to let this be used during the day by tourists. I don’t think the PPJ has a parking lot at Wyman, but in the future perhaps some joint project could be undertaken.
4. Rest stops. In the future rest stop(s) could be provided with bike racks, a seat or picnic table, garbage can and perhaps a toilet/outhouse. (About $4450 each rest stop). Perhaps there are already public toilets in Quyon so this cost would be reduced.
5. Signs, road marking and kilometre markers. (About $1000 per kilometre for direction signs). From Wyman to Quyon ferry is about 6.5 km. From the east end of Clarendon into Quyon is about 3 km.
6. No planting necessary.
7. Where this route crosses highway 148 it may be necessary eventually to have some kind of controlled crossing (traffic lights). (Ministère des transports?)
8. Maintenance would consist of repainting road markings as required. One hopes that vandalism of signs would be minimal because of community pride in this project.

What are your suggestions to make this trail a reality?

Yours sincerely

Mo Laidlaw

Ministère des transports’ brochure Partageons la route
Map of Quyon and surroundings

copy to: Julie Denis-Menard, Municipalité de Pontiac

1 The study of the 2 km Queens Park section of former rail-line in Aylmer has been used as a guideline for requirements and costs. Aylmer’s projected cost is at least $100,000 per km.