The Kerr family
Information regarding the Kerr family and farm at 1515 - 1521 Eardley Road,
provided by Bernard Kerr, great-grandson of
Samuel Kerr and Margaret McCook Kerr.

The McCooks emigrated from Ireland in 1848 (when Margaret was about 8). It is thought that Samuel Kerr came from Scotland in the 1840s. Margaret Jane and Samuel were married in Aylmer in 1857. They lived with Mr Weir (a relative of the McCooks), in a log house situated slightly in front of and to the right of the low building in the colour photo. The logs in that building may have come from the original house after the current house (now 1515 route 148, shown in both photos) was built in 1903.

Photo c. 1950.

Photo c. 1940

Samuel died in 1875 (age about 46) as the result of an accident caused by a runaway team of horses while taking a load of grain to a gristmill at Deschênes. His widow purchased the farm from Mr Weir for a nominal sum shortly thereafter. Samuel and Margaret Jane had five sons – Andrew, Robert, John, Daniel and Samuel James, and three daughters – Jane, Susan and Mary. Two girls, Rachael and Annie died in infancy. The youngest child, Samuel James, was an infant when his father died. He subsequently acquired the farm at 400 Eardley Rd. Robert owned a farm west of Breckenridge, hence Kerr Lane (chemin Kerr) off Crégheur Rd.
John Kerr remained on the farm at 1515 route 148, and married Annie Lusk. They had two sons and three daughters. Arthur, the eldest, inherited the farm on the death of his parents in the 1930s. Arthur married Lillian Mulligan and they had four children including J.R (Bud), Joyce and Bernard. Lilian Mulligan Kerr passed away in 1962 and Arthur continued farming along with his son J.R.(Bud) Kerr until his death in 1988. Bud and his wife Shirley (Tanner) Kerr continued their market garden operation until Bud’s death in 1991.
The farm (land) has recently (c. 2007) been sold to the developers of Domaine Bellevue Estates. The family is pleased to note that the subdivision will incorporate a green space to be named Kerr Park. (Pontiac Journal article.)
The photos above are of the farmhouse (now 1515 route 148) that Arthur Kerr and his siblings, and his son Bernard and his siblings were raised in. The house currently has a veranda, added in the 1980s.