Lakeview Terrace photos

1959, Hockey League Pee Wees.
Back row, L to R: E. Hinds, M. Steele, J. Wade, T. Moore, C. Clarke, M. Miles,
A. Jones, D. McLachlan, C. Wicks, J. Gauvreau, P. Kiefl. Front Row: A. Peppy,
T. MacDonald, M Sivyer, H. Amisson, T. Stone, C. Woollam, John Routliffe.

Maurice “Rocket” Richard presenting trophy to Jeff Maloley.
From L to R, coaches: R. Peppy, J. McLachlen, H. Hayes, F. O’Leary.

Winter carnival contestants, 1956/57.
From L to R:
Marilyn Peppy, Joan McDonald, Ann Routliffe, Marlene Davis, the DeGagné twins.

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