Mo Laidlaw


Before the council meeting on the 9 July 2013, in the Luskville community centre, Mayor Eddie McCann introduced the new fire chief, Michel Lemieux. He started on May 1. Fire Chief Lemieux then proceeded with an award ceremony.

Two women, who have been with the fire department for three years received their Pompier 1 certificates: Michelle Dubois and Chantal Beaudoin. Next the officers in charge of various sectors received epaulettes indicating their rank: Captain Serge Laforest and Captain Chris Davis have both been in the department for 15 years; Lieutenants Francis Madore, Kevin Mansey (both 7 or 8 years); Evan Prest (11 or 12 years); and Mario Allen, Chief of Operations (7 or 8 years).

Finally, Governor General’s medals and ribbons for long service were awarded to Lorne Dagenais for 20 years service (in his absence), to Marcel Martineau and Tom Howard for 30 years service, and to Brent Emmerson for 40 years service.

The photo shows the award winners and other members of the Pontiac Fire Department, with Chief of Operations Mario Allen on the far left and Fire Chief Lemieux on the far right.

Pontiac Fire Department: new Fire Chief hands out awards