South Hull School No 2, Simmons
by Janet A. Benedict, 1989

The No. 2, Simmons School was located at the corner of Deschênes Road (now Vanier Avenue) and Pink Road, South Hull, Quebec. It was built in 1868 on property donated by William Simmons, who was the son of the pioneer Benjamin Alonzo Simmons.

The school was burnt in the Great Fire, August 1870, however a frame school house was built shortly afterwards. This building was removed, and a brick school house erected on the same site in 1911.

This picture of Simmons School No 2 was taken in 1906.
Back row left to right: Amy Cook, Miss Violet Ewart (teacher) Mary Cook and Florence Moffatt.
Second Row left to right: Chester Pink, William G Simmons, Ernest Pink, Percy Simmons, Howard Routliffe, Flora Cook, Edith Pink, Gladys I McClelland, Bertha Pink, and Mary Simmons.
Front row left to right: Nancy Simmons, Iva Simmons, Ellie Cook, Ruby Pink, Myrtle Pink, Amy Simmons and Andrew Routliffe.

Hooper Wright School, No 4

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Dates of birth, marriage, death, where known:
Amy Cook, 1892-1918, married James G. Acres 1886-.
Miss Violet Ewart (teacher), 1884-1951, married George C. Simmons, 1887-1966.
Mary Cook, 1887-1979, married John L. Richards, 1883-1947.
Florence Moffatt, 1892-1953, married Archibald P. Radmore, 1891-1971.

Chester Pink, 1895-1974, married Joan Olmsted, 1898-1999.
William G Simmons, 1895-1974, married C. Eleanor “Ellie” J. Cook, 1896-1990.
Ernest Pink, 1897-1977, married (A) Leila Benedict, 1903-1970
(B) Daisy Mousseau, 1903-1984.
Percy Simmons 1896-1972, married Lillian White, 1896-1985.
Howard Routliffe, 1898-1970, married Mary Allen, 1896-1923.
Flora Cook, 1894-1987.
Edith Pink, 1892-1986.
Gladys I McClelland, 1893-1978, married George W. Cook, 1890-1982.
Bertha Pink, 1892-1927, married J. Elzie Shouldice, 1885-1968.
Mary Simmons, 1894-1986, married Frederick W. Edey, 1888-1968.

Nancy P. Simmons, 1899-1985, married Clayton E. Benedict, 1892-1986.
Iva Simmons, 1898-1986, married Percy W. Munharvey, 1892-1976.
C. Eleanor “Ellie” J. Cook, 1896-1990, married William G Simmons, 1895-1974.
Ruby Pink, 1898-1952, married Delton Stuart.
Myrtle Pink, 1896-1967, married Roy G. Breckenridge, 1895-1981.
Amy Simmons, 1897-1970, married William R. Allen, -1986.
Andrew Routliffe, 1899-1960, married Norah Knight, 1904-1969.

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