Québec patients will pay $650 per day for Ottawa Hospital

From December 1, the Ottawa Hospital will no longer absorb the difference between the cost of a day in hospital ($1100) and the $450 that is reimbursed by the Régie régionale de la santé de l’Outaouais, for Québec residents treated in Ontario hospitals. Patients will have to pay $650 per day if they wish to be treated in Ontario, unless the service is not available in the Outaouais.

The Régie has fixed the cost at $450 as this is the average cost per day at the CHVO hospitals. The Régie will pay the total cost of the hospital stay if the service required is not available in the Outaouais, and the referring doctor has authorization from the Régie, confirming this. Some Ontario physicians may not be aware of the authorization procedure.

Last year it cost the Ottawa Hospital $1.8 million to treat Quebec patients.