Municipality of Pontiac
2012 budget, average tax increase under 2%

Mo Laidlaw
Mayor Eddie McCann presented the 2012 budget of $6.1 million at a meeting held on 21 December 2011. It was adopted unanimously by council. The general tax rate increases 0.45%, from 0.6232 to 0.6260 per $100 of evaluation. Service charges for garbage have increased by 30% ($50 for residences) and (only for Quyon residents) water charges are up 30% and sewer charges up 9%.
The mayor explained that MRC costs have gone up 14%, with police and waste management showing the biggest increases. The municipality’s contribution is based on total evaluation which is now $567 million, up 2.3%. The MRC budget is not yet available online.
Taxes payable
The average evaluation for a residence in the municipality is $200,000. A house in Quyon, evaluated at $174,000, will pay $1,185.64 in taxes, $195.62 for sewer charge, $247.43 for mains water supply, and $216.62 for garbage fee (pickup, disposal, and recycling) for a total of $1,845.31.
For a residential property elsewhere in Pontiac, with a well and septic system, valued at $257,000, the total bill, including garbage fee, will be $1,825.44, plus additions to pay for paving in some sectors. There is no septic system inspection fee this year.
Tax bills over $300 may be paid in three instalments on 1 March, 1 June and 1 October 2010.
Where the money goes
Spending on Transport (roads, snow clearing etc) is up 4%, to $1.84 million (the same as in 2009).
Public security (fire, police, and animal control) is up 8.8% to $1,541,674 (again about the same as in 2009).
The public health budget is up 20% to $991,879. This includes water and sewers as well as garbage and recycling.
General administration is up 6% to $955,531
Town planning, zoning and development costs are up 1% to $415,051.
Costs for arts and recreation, which includes parks, libraries and community centres, are down 12% to $297,441, down for the second year running.
Annual interest on loans to pay for paving roads, the sewage lagoon, fire trucks, grader and so on, amounts to $239,505, up 21%.
Other local administrations have seen larger tax increases. In the city of Gatineau taxes are up 2.2%, in Cantley the increase is 2% plus the garbage fee up $20, with taxes in Chelsea up 5.5%.

Projects for 2012
Completing the drinking water project in Quyon.
Buying another fire truck.
The Chats Falls park (Parc du Sault-des-Chats).
Septic sludge treatment at the sewage lagoon in Quyon.