Pontiac by-election - Tom Howard is new councillor
Mo Laidlaw

A by-election was held on Sunday March 4, 2012 in Quyon, for councillor of Ward 3. The seat became vacant on the death of Councillor Jim Coyle last year. Ward 3 goes from the west end of the four-lane to the town-line with Bristol, south of the 148 and north of chemin de la Baie in the east half of Pontiac, and south of 5th Concession in Onslow (excluding the village of Quyon). Despite the large area, ward 3 only has 555 registered voters, compared to about 800 in each of the three eastern wards. The results were as follows:
Tom Howard, 90 votes, 41.7%, elected councillor
Garry Dagenais, 60 votes, 27.8%
Denis Dubé, 43 votes, 19.9%
Jacques Rainville, 23 votes, 10.6%
Total votes, 216, turnout 39% of registered voters.

Map of ward boundaries