Results of Municipality of Pontiac council elections November 3, 2013
Mayor: Roger Larose
Ward 1: Nancy Maxsom
Ward 2: Denis Dubé
Ward 3: Tom Howard
Ward 4: Inès Pontiroli
Ward 5: Brian Middlemiss
Ward 6: Jean Amyotte

Turnout 43% 

More details here: Election results pdf
and here: Élections Québec

Alliances in new Pontiac council?
Which members of council signed nomination papers for other members of the new council? 

Mayor Roger Larose nominated Denis Dubé and Brian Middlemiss.

Ward 1 councillor Nancy Maxsom nominated Denis Dubé and Brian Middlemiss.
Ward 2 councillor Denis Dubé nominated Roger Larose and Brian Middlemiss.
Ward 3 councillor Tom Howard nominated Denis Dubé and Brian Middlemiss.

Nomination papers are public documents available at the municipal offices in Luskville (at least they were before the election when it was also an Elections Québec office).