Pontiac Fire Department in firefighters’ challenge

Captain Chris Davis of the Pontiac Fire Department (Breckenridge) won the individual challenge event for firefighters at the Shawville Fair, 4 September 2005. The Pontiac Fire Department also had 2 teams of 5 firefighters in the Shawville Fair challenge, placing 5th and 6th. The ten firefighters who took part are:
Captain Serge Laforest, Trevor Martelock, Evan Prest, Stephan Tremblay, Denis Martineau and Brian Middlemiss (Luskville sector); Captain Chris Davis and Ryan Tracey (Breckenridge sector); and Shawn Grant and Nick Armitage (Quyon sector)

Here is a photo of the group (excluding Brian Middlemiss who took the photo).

Photo: Brian Middlemiss

Updated 05/9/18