Highway 148, Onslow

The descriptions follow the highway as shown on the map from right to left (from Aylmer to Wyman).

On the right side of the highway at the junction with Kennedy Rd, is an attractive red brick house, (3607 Kennedy Rd), probably built about 1913. (Leslie McMillan’s house, IPBRO).

On the left at #3411 is a one-and-a-half-storey log farmhouse built in 1858 by Harry Amm. (Hugh Hammond is the present owner.)

On the left is #3495, a red brick, one-and-a-half-storey farmhouse with barns (c. 1890/1900, IPBRO). Gary Merrifield (son of Ivan Merrifield and Mary Hickey) is the owner.

#3533 is the George Clarke homestead, built in 1893. It has a beautiful gingerbread porch. George Clarke’s grandson Ben MacDonald is the owner now. (Clayben MacDonald)

#3567 is a one-and-a-half-storey house, with later additions at the back.

On the left, #3621. Large farmhouse and barns, off the road, were the John Muldoon farm. Eddy Scott who lives here with wife Nancy, is the grandson of John Muldoon.

#3755, the red brick farmhouse, was built by George Poole in 1888/94 (c. 1920, IPBRO). The barn dates from 1885. Allan Poole is the present owner.

#3803, William Draper farm and barns, 1908. In 1904 William Draper and his brother Arthur each bought 100 acres of bush from the Jowsey family. The land was originally granted to John Jowsey but he never lived here. William built the farmhouse in 1908 and later bought his brother Arthur’s land. William’s children were born and raised here, and sons Keith, Kenneth and Lorne farmed here. Anita and Lorne “Buster” Draper live in the farmhouse. The farm is now owned and operated by their son, Blake.

#3845 Keith Fraser (his grandmother was a Bronson), tiny white house.

Red brick, no number, former George Fraser farm.

The descriptions follow the highway as shown on the map from right to left (from Aylmer to Wyman).

At #3886 is the Pontiac Wildwood sawmill, owned and operated by Bruce Campbell, mayor of the municipality of Pontiac from 1998 - 2005. Sawmills played and still play an important role in the development of the area.

Following Mr Campbell’s is an interesting old place at least 100 years old, originally owned by the McCurragh family, now owned by the Scott family.

#3887, one-and-a-half-storey, left side. This was the Inglee home and post office (Beech Grove). Now occupied by the Quirion family.

Turn right off the highway at Wiggins to reach Mohr’s Cemetery (c. 1868, IPBRO). Land for the cemetery was donated by the Mohr family.

Taber Road

Turn left off the highway onto the loop of old highway 8 (Taber) to see Mohr’s Corner. There are several interesting old houses along here.

1143 Taber, is one of several Mohr homesteads, built about 1860 (1865, IPBRO). It is now Dorothy Mohr’s place.

1262 Taber, is a Mohr family house built in perhaps 1920, with a bright red roof. Stephen Mohr lives here.

The Wesley United Church is on the right near the junction with 5th Concession. It was built in 1925 to accommodate the merged Methodist and Presbyterian congregations. The Methodists had the Bethel church near here since 1877. The Presbyterians had a church in nearby Beech Grove from 1886.

1269 Taber is the Old General Store, at the junction with 5th Concession. Edey Campbell (Mayor Bruce Campbell’s father) ran this store, which is now a home. The Telford family lives here. John Telford was a councillor for the municipality of Pontiac for 8 years; he died in March 2005.

At #1287 is a nice barn, built about 1930 (IPBRO). Unusually, it has a free-standing silo with polygonal roof.

1311 is the Clifford and Hazel Taber house, about 1915. The Tabers were well known for their berry farm and garden. People were welcome to pick their own strawberries. Many children from Mohr’s Corner, now parents and grandparents, made a fortune picking berries for a penny a basket. Dinah Delgrosse and husband George are the proud owners of this heritage house. The cedar shake siding is now very rare.

1326 Taber, is the Inglee house or Hamilton Taber house, built in 1870. Dennis and Elizabeth Lucas are the happy tenants of this well preserved one-and-a-half-storey house.

Back on highway 148

On the far side of the highway (looking back if you took the Taber loop) you can see a red brick house with wraparound porch at 4674 5th Concession. This was built in 1867 by Samuel Hamilton. It is now his grandson Lee Hamilton’s house.

At 4790 5th Concession is the William Hamilton homestead. William came from Ireland and settled here in 1877 with his wife Ruth Emma Hobbs, building first a sod house and then a log house. This beautiful red brick house was built in 1895 and is now the home of Bill and Sue Hamilton, owners of Mountainview Turf Agronomics.

At the corner of Taber and highway 148 is #3999, a large farmhouse built by Russell Taber about 1910-1920.

Large white house, Meredith.

River road is an unpaved road off to the left where the highway bears right. About 2 km to the east, (past the future “airport subdivision”) John Christian Mohr built a stone house in 1846. This is the oldest surviving stone house in the municipality of Pontiac, and is near the river, close to the junction of Mohr road and River road, not visible from the road (#7351 River road).
John Christian Mohr was born in Sweden to a family of German descent. He came to Canada in 1813, when he was 21. He married Rebecca Trundell, who was of a United Empire Loyalist family. JC Mohr died in 1868. This is one of many Mohr houses. Charles Dickson is the present owner. At some point members of the Poole family lived here.

Take the next left turn with a signpost to the Quyon Ferry — Clarendon Street. This is a quiet winding paved road, the old highway 8.

This photo, taken in 1999, shows a pipe sticking out of the ground with running water. This spring runs all year and many people would stop here to fill up containers for their drinking water until the ministry of Environment closed it. It was on the right in front of 1225 Clarendon (Gerald McKenny’s), just before the bridge over the Quyon River.

IPBRO = Inventaire du patrimoine bâti de la région de l’Outaouais.

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