Pontiac mayor candidates meet the public

Mo Laidlaw

PONTIAC – Over 50 members of the public were present in the Luskville Community Centre, October 20, 2013 at 2:30 pm, to hear the two candidates for mayor: Roger Larose, former councillor, and Eddie McCann, incumbent mayor. Here are their answers to four prepared questions.

What are important actions to protect our environment?
McCann: Provincial laws are in place on recycling, garbage, septic waste treatment and frequency of emptying tanks. We will process our septic sludge here, save money.
Larose: Keep the municipality clean. Employees should pick up garbage at the side of the road without being asked. Work with farmers.

How would you support and encourage economic growth in the area?
Larose: Work with small businesses and farmers. Use business licence funds to promote businesses. Bring in young families and invest in kids. Encourage housing developments.
McCann: Encourage new residents, we lack youth. Newcomers will help increase tax revenue. We have to get people to stay here.

As mayor, how will you communicate and inform the community about your decisions?
McCann: Encourage residents to attend council meetings, read local papers and information about meetings on the internet. Publicize our successes.
Larose: Information is really important. Meet each ward to find out their concerns, do surveys, before we do things, not after.

What would be the first thing you would change immediately?
Larose: Work with the whole council. Present the budget to the public. Revise the urbanism plan. Have programs for employees to plan when everything is to be done.
McCann: Nothing. We have an excellent administration, genuine public participation, and the public will elect an active, independent, successful council.