Municipality of Pontiac

The municipality covers an area of 445 square kilometres:
218 km2 (48.8%) is in Gatineau Park, (Gatineau Park is 356 km2 in total, so 61% of the park is in the municipality of Pontiac).
213 km2 (47.6%) is in the agricultural green zone.
16 km2 (3.6%) is residential, the highest densities being in the village of Quyon, the Beaches area of Luskville, and the south part of Breckenridge, closest to Aylmer.

Stats Canada: language, education, income, religion

2006 Census, Pontiac (Municipality), Québec

2001 Census
in 2001 (permanent residents): 4610.
Families: 1370

Language first learned and still understood, by permanent residents in 2001:
French, 55% (up from 47% in 1996)
English, 42% (down from 44% in 1996)
Both French and English, 2% (down from 6% in 1996)
Other, 2%

Language used most often at work in 2001:
53% English
38% French
9% English and French

6% were Aboriginal.
Less than 1% were each of Chinese, South Asian, Latin American or Arab origin.

Highest level of schooling:
Percent with a college or university diploma, certificate or degree.
38% of 20-34 year-olds
30% of 35-44 year-olds
22% of 45-64 year-olds

Mode of transport to work:
Car, truck, van as driver: 80%
Car, truck, van as passenger: 11%
Public transit: 4%
On foot or bicycle: 4%
Women were more likely than men to be passengers, or to walk or bike to work, making up two-thirds of these numbers.

66% of families were married-couples
21% were common-law couples
13% were single-parent families
10% were female single-parent families

Family income
Median family income for couple families $52,219
Median family income for single-parent families $41,533

35% of households contained a couple with children
33% of households contained a couple without children
18% were one-person households, median household income: $16,324
14% were other household types

Median household income, all households: $44,012.

Number of dwellings (permanent residences), 1730, of which 82% are owner-occupied, 18% rented.
88% of dwellings were built before 1991.

Average value of dwelling (permanent residences), $114,029.

Number of cottages/part-time residences ?

77% Catholic
14% Protestant
2% other Christian
<1% other religions
6% No religious affiliation

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