Pontiac council report - Legal action against NCC over ch Lac Curley
Mo Laidlaw
Luskville, Pontiac

The regular Pontiac council meeting was held on 13 December 2011. About 20 members of the public were in attendance.
Public input, ch Braun
James Riordan asked if a majority of owners on ch Braun have agreed to paying for paving now that the cost is established. A register will be set up as part of a borrowing bylaw. If enough people sign the register against the bylaw, paving will not go ahead. It may still be necessary to raise the road above the wetland area either side of the first 500 m of the road and dig ditches further from the road, even if paving is not done. Kelvin Prosyk, representing the Breckenridge Nature Preserve, pointed out that the wetland is the home of the western chorus frog (rainette faux-grillon), a species protected by the Québec Species at risk act. Mayor Eddie McCann will accompany the public works inspector when he meets the Conservation de la Nature (Nature Conservancy) representative to discuss what needs to be done.
Pontiac to La Pêche snowmobile trail
The municipality is preparing to take the National Capital Commission (NCC) to court over ownership of ch Lac Curley. There has been an exchange of letters - the municipality notifying NCC that it authorizes the Pontiac Snowmobilers Association to use this road for the snowmobile trails linking Pontiac to La Pêche, as well as telling NCC not to dismantle the existing bridge on this road; and the NCC replying that they own the right of way on this road. Council passed a resolution to notify the NCC not to limit or prevent public use of ch Lac Curley, to instruct municipal employees to remove signs and structures intended to prevent use of the road, and for the municipal lawyers to begin legal proceedings to prevent the NCC from blocking snowmobiles and other traffic.
Code of ethics
Provincial bill 109 requires municipalities to adopt a code of ethics and professional conduct applicable to elected representatives. This applies to conflicts of interest, favouritism, malpractice, breach of trust or other misconduct, donations, the use of municipal resources, and not taking advantage of previous duties when no longer a member of Council. This bylaw was passed by a majority of council. (See www.heritagepontiac.ca/reports.htm for text).
Fire department
Following exams, the fire chief, Mario Allen recommends probationary appointments for lieutenants on the day shift, as follows: west sector, Pierre-Louis Chartrand, east sector, Kevin Mansey. Cheryl Hardwick is appointed as a substitute lieutenant.
Town planning
Council approved subdivision requests: François Vachon to subdivide two lots at 1486 and 1488 route 148 to make two lots that are big enough to build on. Allan Richard Dee wishes to subdivide a lot at 572 ch Lac-Beauclair.
Requests to build on farmland
Council passed motions to support a request to the CPTAQ by Yvon Chartrand, to add a part of adjacent farmland to his residential lot, to build a septic system.
Cleaning up properties
The owner of 84 Frazer (off Cochrane) pleaded guilty to violations of the nuisance bylaw and was given 30 days by the Municipal Court to clean the property. Since the property is now even worse, council requests bailiff services to arrange a cleanup.
The owner of 110 Cochrane, found guilty of violations of the nuisance bylaw and construction without a permit, was fined $250 and given 30 days by the Municipal Court to clean up. Nothing has happened so council requests bailiff services to arrange a cleanup.
The owner of 113 Bord-de-l’eau has not complied with regulations on septic systems and building permits over several years. This file is transferred to the legal advisors. Councillor Larose voted against this and the two previous resolutions on the grounds that the Nuisance bylaw is under review.
Animal control
The contract with the SPCA will be renewed for three more years.
Money matters
The following amounts were approved in recent meetings:
Invoices for November amounting to $207,713; fixed expenses of $236,388; as well as incurred expenses for December of $2343.38 including taxes.
$5100 to Brent Mainville for ice production and maintenance at the Luskville park rink.
$3192 maximum for the public works department to dig ditches on ch Richards.
$2218.30 plus tax to Tapis Suprême to install carpet and tiles in the old part of the municipal offices.
$700 to buy and install a fence between the Luskville community centre and the library, to hide garbage and recycling containers.
$500 maximum towards a meal for municipal employees and the fire fighters, to encourage contacts between various departments. Councillors and management will also personally contribute. (Nancy Maxsom asked if this will be put on employees’ T4 forms as a taxable benefit.)
Next regular council meeting: Tuesday 17 January 2012 at 8 pm, at the community centre in Luskville.

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