Pontiac council report - council votes against recreational corridors
Mo Laidlaw

The regular Pontiac council meeting was held on 17 January 2012.
Public input
Nancy Maxsom followed up on her earlier queries on the low amount paid in lieu of taxes by the NCC, for Gatineau Park, which covers about half of the municipality.
Denis Dubé asked the mayor and councillors for their top three priorities for the rest of their terms.
James Riordan asked council to contact Industry Canada about the Vidéotron tower. Since two communications towers are already being built within 6 km of the projected tower on ch Elm, the municipality will ask Industry Canada to suspend the authorization to build the tower on Elm, and instead to encourage sharing of existing towers.
Wild life corridors next to Gatineau Park
The National Capital Commission has been studying proposals to protect watercourses and forested areas adjacent to Gatineau Park from development, as these form natural corridors for movement of wildlife between Adirondack Park in the United States and Algonquin Park in Ontario. The intention is not to maintain pristine parkland, and the NCC is not planning to buy land, but hoping to persuade municipalities to protect these areas for recreation and future generations, as well as for the ecological benefits, and making the municipality more attractive to current and future residents. Wide corridors could allow the use of ATVs and snowmobiles, if owners agree.
Five of the twelve proposed corridors are at least partly within the municipality of Pontiac:
the Breckenridge Creek watershed (part of which already belongs to the Nature Conservancy of Canada);
the Luskville corridor, which consists of the forested area on the shoreline west of Baie Noire, between ch Parker and ch de la Baie, and three watercourses that enter the Ottawa in this area (Ruisseau Bradley, Crique Chartrand and Crique Alarie leading from Luskville Falls);
the Ottawa River shoreline from the mouth of the Quyon River downstream to Pointe Cornu (includes Plage Taber, Pontiac AirPark and Plage Stanley), and the forested areas extending north and then east to Gatineau Park, including the Mohr watercourse (the Pontiac corridor);
Chats Falls park and the forested area north of 5th Concession and west of ch Alexander, each side of the Quyon river, connecting to Gatineau Park north of Steele Line (most of this corridor is in the municipality of Bristol);
the forested areas north of Onslow Corners extending north and west from the west boundary of Gatineau Park, into Thorne and La Pêche (the North corridor).
Council feels that “these corridors will discourage development of the municipality”, and is against anything that “will be a brake on development”, and decided unanimously to inform the NCC of its disagreement with any procedure leading to setting up ecological corridors.
Septic system
The owner of 43 ch du Gingembre has not provided the requested documents concerning his septic system within the time allowed, so the Planning director is authorized to do whatever is necessary to enforce the waste water bylaw.
Money matters
The following amounts were approved:
Invoices for the period ending 9 January amounting to $66,556; fixed expenses of $583,184; as well as incurred expenses for January of $21,157.79 including taxes.
$5,000 to repair the bridge crossing the stream on Ch du Lac Curley.
$90 per week to Groupe Action Jeunesse for controlling access to the gym at the Notre-Dame-de-la-Joie school in Luskville ($4,500 per year).

Next regular council meeting: Tuesday 14 February 2012 at 8 pm, at the community centre in Luskville.

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