Pontiac council report - Parc du Sault-des-Chats created
Mo Laidlaw

The regular Pontiac council meeting was held on 14 February 2012.
Public input
Jean-Claude Carisse asked council what plans they have to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Champlain’s explorations up the Ottawa River, in 2013. At least 40 km of Ottawa River shoreline is in the municipality. Mayor Eddie McCann suggested that this could be combined with the opening of Parc du Sault-des-Chats. Later in the meeting Council unanimously supported the official creation of the regional Park, citing the potential for historical and natural interpretation, and recreo-touristic activities, with major economic benefits to the municipality.
Leonard Lloyd is concerned about the loss of the Banque National automated bank machine in Quyon. Mr McCann suggested that account holders should call the bank. Perhaps another bank or caisse would be interested to put an ABM in a grocery store?
Paving ch Braun
Jane Gardner and Craig Butler have concerns about paving Braun road, and doubt whether a majority of residents are in favour of paving. They are worried that they will be paying for paving for 20 years as well as for repaving in five years if the job is poor. Mr McCann explained that structural repair work has to be done on the road, to improve the base and ditches, and when the estimates for paving are received, residents will be consulted. If fewer than 50% want the road paved it will not be done. When there is a good foundation paving should last. Repairs are paid by the whole municipality, even where paving is paid 50% by residents.
Robert Lussier asked when the new municipal website will be ready. The director-general (d-g) Sylvain Bertrand explained that there is far more work involved than expected, so there is a delay.
Nancy Maxsom asked when Gatineau Park is going to be reassessed for payment in lieu of taxes - the NCC pays a very low amount compared to taxes paid by other land owners. Mr Bertrand said that the evaluator will be meeting council. To her other question, Mr McCann replied that he had offered the community centre to the NCC for a consultation meeting, but they prefer to have local meetings only for specific local issues. The public can take part in consultations online.
Denis Dubé spoke in the question period at the end of the meeting, asking about the municipal website, the mains water system, the new multifunction centre in Quyon, (the municipality expects to pay one third, or about $400,000 of the cost), and the relationship with the NCC. He also commented that some councillors seem to be unprepared for council meetings.
Fire Department
Eight firefighters are authorized to register for Pompier II training at the Commission Scolaire Coeurs des Vallées.
The Fire Chief, Mario Allen is authorized to prepare specifications for eventually buying a pumper truck.
The municipality accepts the offer from the Ministry of Transport, of $10,664 for two parcels of land in front of the Breckenridge Fire Hall, required for widening route 148.
Public works - mayor vetoes paperwork
A 3:2 majority of council voted in favour of a resolution to have more information about work to be done. The public works department must make a list of required changes and repairs to road signs, civic number signs, and street lights, with a target date for work to be carried out, and a timetable of hours and personnel necessary for this work. A timetable for grading roads, replacing culverts and brush-cutting must also be produced by April. Councillor Amyotte voted against this, saying it was “bureaucracy.” The mayor later informed the director-general that he would veto this resolution.
Tenders for removing the hardwood floor, levelling, and putting in a plywood subfloor at the Albert Kennedy centre (885, rue de Clarendon, originally the Quyon Model School) will be sought. The final flooring will be decided later.
Garbage contract
The d-g is authorized to call for tenders for disposal of municipal waste (residential and commercial) for three years with possible two-year extension. The disposal site must conform to provincial laws. Councillor Larose said he did not have enough information to support this.
Tenders will also be sought for complete operation of the municipal ecocentre, including surveillance, collecting fees, disposal of items, maintenance of the site; all respecting environmental laws. Councillor Larose voted against.
Traffic studies
A 3:2 majority of council voted to ask the Ministry of Transport to do a traffic study on the junction of route 148 and ch de la Montagne, and to ask the MRC police for a traffic study on ch de la Montagne between route 148 and ch Crégheur.
Other matters
Bylaw 03-12 setting out a new schedule of fees covering permits for building, septic systems, work on stream banks, commercial tree cutting, mobile canteens, and fees for the ecocentre (etc) was passed.
The mayor and d-g are authorized to negotiate an agreement with the CSSS for a financial contribution for a future medical centre within the municipality.
Councillor Inès Pontiroli was appointed as the municipal representative on the Commission culturelle des Collines.
Money matters
The following amounts were approved:
Invoices for January amounting to $128,056; fixed expenses of $310,714; as well as incurred expenses for February of $10,763.83 including taxes.
$422.91 a month, to buy a 2011 Ford Ranger truck from Dupont Ford, for the planning department.
$5000 for preliminary plans for a multifunction community centre in Quyon, from three technologists or architects.
$4756 to the Municipality of Shawville for use of the arena by Pontiac residents.
$752.62 for membership of Loisirs Sports Outaouais.
$500 for an ad in the 2012 Pontiac tourist guide published by the Pontiac Printshop.
A cheque for $1021.58 was received from the Comité de Loisirs et Action communautaire de Pontiac, which will be put in a reserve in the name of the committee.
Next regular council meeting: Tuesday 13 March 2012 at 8 pm, at the community centre in Luskville.

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