Pontiac council report - improved communication with residents?
Mo Laidlaw

The regular Pontiac council meeting was held on 8 May 2012 in the crowded Breckenridge community room at the fire hall. At least 50 members of the public were present, many of whom asked questions.
Public input
Joan Belsher thanked a municipal employee, Michelle Dubois for her excellent service. Diane Mainville and Rick Knox thanked council for not supporting the storage of heavy equipment on a neighbouring lot, contrary to the zoning. Mayor Eddie McCann said that the municipal lawyer will be consulted on this.
Communication, website
Barrie Marfleet asked for an update on the new website, since it is two months since its release and “all fields remain empty of data.” Mr McCann replied that it is a priority of council. “Changes will be made soon,” following adjustment of duties in the Town Hall, however he would not give a delivery date. One staff member, Lucie St-Aubin, will work on communication, including the new website.
Mr Marfleet suggested that a taskforce be set up in order to assist the municipality implement its communication program. He said we need to know who has internet access in the community, and whether it is high speed or dial-up, and also to gather email addresses to improve service to the public. Mr Marfleet will work with Councillor Inès Pontiroli on a plan to improve communication with taxpayers.
Target shooting
Diana Delgrosse complained that shooting at “the pit” off Wolf Lake road continues. At weekends there is continuous shooting. They have seen semiautomatics and a handgun - all illegal. Discarded ammunition, both used and live, is littered all over the property, which could be hazardous to children and wildlife. A box full had been picked up and was presented to Council (see photo). Mr McCann said that unfortunately the municipality and MRC have no jurisdiction over fire arms, except for the noise produced. The landowners are scared that they will suffer vandalism from a minority of shooters if they prevent them from going on their land. The mayor said he would like to put up signs that indicate that shooting is not allowed, but these cannot go on Wolf Lake road which is a provincial road. Permission will be sought from landowners to put up signs on their land.
SQ less expensive than MRC police?
Armand Ducharme came armed with figures to show that the municipality of Pontiac is paying more than Mansfield and Pontefract (for example) for police service. Mr McCann said it is not that simple, larger municipalities (over 5000 people) are required to have higher service levels. The police contribution depends on the evaluation of property. As residents demand better service the cost will continue to go up. Mr Ducharme also suggested that Hydro Quebec should be contributing amounts in lieu of taxes for the power station at Chats Falls.
Quyon drinking water
Denis Dubé wanted to know when the new water system will be certified. Director-General Sylvain Bertrand said that the water is drinkable, but it will be a few weeks before the certification is received.
Roads etc
Guylaine LaSalle asked for a lower speed limit or speed bumps on ch Marquis. She is organizing a petition of residents.
Ch Terry-Fox (south of route 148) will be levelled before paving. Tenders will be requested for paving.
Students from Laval University will be carrying out a study of ground water in the ch Beaudoin area of North Onslow, as a research project.
A one year contract will be signed with Veolia, who will pay for used oil (there is a site to deposit used oil near the Town Hall in Luskville).
Town planning
Thomas Tracey and Linda Coleborn of 30 ch Elm, in the farm zone, asked for support of their request to the CPTAQ to divide their large lot into two.
Raymond Tracey and Susan Sparling asked to subdivide 124 ch Stanton in Quyon.
Julie Galipeau is now authorized to sign building permits.
NDP MP Nycole Turmel has unveiled a plan to give Gatineau Park legal protection. Council will notify her and Pontiac MP Mathieu Ravignat that the municipality is opposed to this plan until the status of municipal roads within the park is settled.
Money matters
The following amounts were approved:
Invoices for April amounting to $49,654; fixed expenses of $328,667; as well as incurred expenses for May of $57,460.84 including taxes.
Next regular council meeting: Tuesday 12 June 2012 at 8 pm, at the community centre in Luskville.

Previous reports are archived at: http://www.heritagepontiac.ca/Municipality
The Action Pontiac blog at http://actionpontiac.blogspot.com has other local news and information, including some recent council meeting minutes (until they are available on the new municipal webpage).