Pontiac council report - Pontiac airpark going ahead
Mo Laidlaw

The regular Pontiac council meeting was held on 12 June 2012 at the community centre in Luskville. About 30 members of the public were present.
Public input
Jean-Claude Carisse asked whether two new municipal employees have been appointed. (One position has been filled). He feels that it is ridiculous to have road signs indicating “Pontiac 23 km” (in Quyon), when the sign is within the municipality. It is apparently the policy of the ministry of Transport to indicate the distance to the municipal offices.
Alain Larose and Leonard Lloyd both complained about a sewer problem on Egan street, and blamed an individual. Mayor Eddie McCann replied that it was not appropriate to talk about this in a public meeting and said he would meet them the next day to discuss the matter.
Communication, website
Barrie Marfleet said that he has been bringing up the subject of the municipal website for two years, and volunteering to help, and it is still empty. Councillor Inès Pontiroli was unable to meet him last month on a plan to improve communication with taxpayers. Mr McCann said that the website information is now being input. Councillor Pontiroli explained the difficulty of using volunteers when the webpage is bilingual and the volunteers are not.
Micheline Lepage said she had not yet received a public notice about the waterfront revitalization meeting on the 15th June. (This was delivered only a day or two before the meeting in many parts of Pontiac - a Canada Post problem). Also she was unable to pay bills using Scotia Bank, although the most recent municipal bulletin said this is possible.
Denis Dubé asked if the municipality had hired a public relations person to look after the Quyon community centre consultations. Mr McCann said that results of consultations will be made public. A communications person has been hired.
Joan Belsher asked Lynne Beaton, head of the Recreation and culture committee, if she is willing to have volunteers on the committee. Volunteers are welcomed, but they may not sit on the committee, which is made up only of elected officials.
Rick Knox said he disagrees with one person committees, and Mr McCann clarified that all 6 councillors can sit on a committee, but only one councillor is responsible for that committee.
Nuisance bylaw
Councillor Roger Larose gave notice that he will present a modified nuisance bylaw to control target shooting, by not allowing guns to be fired outside recognised hunting season except in authorized target-shooting areas.
Alarms bylaw
A permit from the MRC des Collines police is required before a house alarm is installed or turned on, and is supplied at no charge. A new permit is required when there is a new owner or occupier. If the alarm has an external bell it must not sound for more than 10 minutes. If there are false alarms, costs incurred by the MRC Police will be charged to the alarm owner. More than one false alarm per year is considered an infraction to the bylaw. Fines range from $200 to $1000 for people and from $300 to $2000 for companies.
Speed limits, roads
Councillor Pontiroli gave notice that she will present a bylaw reducing speed limits on various residential roads: down to 50 km/h on ch Pères-Dominicains from route 148 to Papineau, and on ch de la Baie from ch Damas-Perrier to the end; and to 40 km/h on the following roads: Marquis, Cedarvale, Omkar, Panorama, Lavigne, McCaffrey, Seliner, Asaret, Plante, Kawartha, McKay, Rose, Dubois, Lelièvre, Davis, Soulière, Kennedy from route 148 to the south end, and Taber.
There will be a call for offers to pave ch Terry-Fox south.
Offers will be requested for snowploughing sectors B and C for the next 3 years, as these contracts have run out.
The MRC des Collines will be asked to inspect watercourses next to ch Lac Curley, and remove beaver dams that are causing flooding. (This is the disputed municipal road within Gatineau Park).
Offers will be requested to clean the inside of the mill on rue Egan, and block unauthorized access to the building.
Town planning
Rita Van Waard asked council to review what is permitted at the Pontiac Airpark subdivision at 7531 ch River, such as departure and arrival times for aircraft, safety, security and air pollution. Rules must be established. (A letter from the mayor to the developer is reproduced at http://pontiacairpark.com/News.htm which also includes news of more land acquisition.)
All four requests to the CPTAQ (commission to protect farmland), were supported by Council:
Charles James Young wants to sell a lot at 1869 ch de la Montagne with permission to build a residence.
Marie-Theresa Murdock wishes to sell land at 3543 ch Steele to her tenant farmer, but retain her residence and other buildings.
D’Jay Fleury wishes to use part of his lot at 1311 ch Taber to repair horse and other equipment, mainly for local farmers.
Eldon Davis wants to subdivide a lot at 251 ch Crégheur and sell it with permission to build houses.
Bell Mobility communication tower
No public comments were received about the proposed communication tower at 1552 ch Hammond. It will improve cell phone coverage, and provide equipment for police, fire and public works departments at no cost, therefore the municipality supports this installation.
Marc Ménard’s contract to keep watch and supervise the Luskville park is renewed.
Money matters
The following amounts were approved:
Invoices for May amounting to $52,023; fixed expenses of $358,484; as well as incurred expenses for June of $30,099 including taxes.
$14,124 to EXP for the geotechnical study on levelling Braun road.
$7,675 to Association de la Plage Baie Noire, and $1709 to Association des Propriétaires de la Plage Charron, for special projects on tolerance roads.
$4000 to EXP to determine the total capacity of the drinking water and sewer systems in Quyon, including water for fire fighting, before approving new housing developments. (22 May meeting).
Next regular council meeting: Tuesday 10 July 2012 at 8 pm, at the community centre in Luskville.

Previous reports are archived at: http://www.heritagepontiac.ca/Municipality
The Action Pontiac blog at http://actionpontiac.blogspot.com has other local news and information, including some recent council meeting minutes (until they are available on the new municipal webpage).