Pontiac council report - Signs to stop target practice
Mo Laidlaw

The regular Pontiac council meeting was held on 10 July 2012 at the community centre in Luskville.
Resolutions passed
Council agreed that when receiving payments for the NCC properties, the taxation clerk is authorized to make all necessary annual adjustments in order to apply the regulations dictated by the Ministry of Justice regarding by-law DORS/81-29.
It was resolved that the municipality organize a meeting with the Ministry of Environment authorities concerning the accumulation of sand at the mouth of the Quyon river, where it joins the Ottawa river.
The two bids for managing the eco-centre have been rejected. A committee will be set up to list specifications for the proper functioning of the eco-centre.
Signs will be installed at the quarries on ch Lac-des-Loups (Wolf Lake road) forbidding the use of firearms and off-road vehicles.
Solution Nature will be hired to do an environmental study of lot 14B, range 4 in Onslow township. This is the 100 acre lot in the industrial zone, NW of the junction of ch Proven and route 148.
Town planning
The new head of the planning department is Wahb Anys.
Council supports the request of Mathieu Allard to create three new building lots at 45 ch Cedarvale, Breckenridge, and the request by Jean Bisson and Annie Schiffo to create 2 new building lots from three at 186, 190 and 196 Cedarvale, and the request by Thomas Armstrong to create a private road and three new building lots at 128 Stanton in Quyon, as they all conform with zoning and subdivision bylaws.
Money matters
The following amounts were approved:
Invoices for June amounting to $53,116; fixed expenses of $271,524; as well as incurred expenses for July of $36,139 including taxes.
$86,228 including tax, to Daniel Leblond for janitorial services for municipal buildings.
$800 to Entreprise MK for upkeep of Parc Bellevue in Breckenridge for one season.
$400 to Entreprise MK for upkeep of the water treatment plant area for one season.

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