Pontiac council report - new Nuisance bylaw adopted
Mo Laidlaw
The regular Pontiac council meeting was held on 14 August 2012 at the Lions Club Hall in Quyon, as is now usual in August. Forty people attended.

400 years since Champlain visited
Jean-Claude Carisse asked council to plan something special for 2013, the 400th anniversary of Samuel de Champlain’s canoe trip through the area. Councillor Inès Pontiroli suggested that key people should meet in September to discuss this, including people from Bristol, as a celebration could involve the Parc du Sault des Chats. The Tim Horton’s camp should be involved too.

Fire protection
Leonard Lloyd and former mayor Bruce Campbell were both critical of the shortage of volunteer firemen in Quyon. Mayor Eddie McCann explained that daytime coverage during the week is low, but three firefighters are available in the Quyon area. More volunteers are required, but it is a huge commitment involving a lot of training. Mr Campbell suggested that a local chief with good leadership skills would encourage more people to volunteer.
The Fire Chief was authorized to call on the firm, “Enquêtes Incendie des Collines 24/7” when it is necessary to determine the cause of a fire, as set out in the risk coverage plan.
Nine new volunteer firefighters were hired, subject to one year probation.

Madeleine Carpentier suggested that to help residents recycle material such as bundles of sticks, or other material accepted by the ecocentre, the municipality should produce a list of truck owners who could make a trip to the ecocentre once a month. Mayor McCann thought this was a good idea, and suggested he would talk to the garbage contractor as well as municipal employees about providing this service.

Braun road improvements
Jane Gardner had questions about the proposed improvement work on Braun road. “Everyone wants improvements, but not everyone wants paving,” she said. Mr McCann explained that the basic work is the same and will be done soon. The DG explained that if 16 or more owners sign the register to oppose the borrowing bylaw for paving (out of the 50 properties on Braun road), a referendum will be held. The bylaw received its first reading at this meeting. Affected residents will receive notice by mail of the procedure to oppose the bylaw.

Zoning changes requested
Bill Twolan asked for the zoning along route 148 to be changed to “commercial”. He also suggested that an inventory of “vacant land” in the municipality should be made, meaning residential building lots that have not been built on. “The Breckenridge Nature Preserve zoning should be changed to parkland from residential, as the CPTAQ thinks it is undeveloped residential land,” Twolan said. The Preserve belongs to the Nature Conservancy of Canada.
Mr Twolan asked Council to reimburse him $4,560 for his costs researching the ownership of chemin Hurdman. This was passed by 4:3, but then Mayor McCann announced that he would be vetoing the resolution, as he had personally advised Mr Twolan beforehand that the municipality would not pay for this, and there is no money in the budget for it.

Environmental inquiry
The municipality officially asks the MDDEP to look into the events at 19 Egan during winter 2012 (the alleged dumping of septic sludge into the sewage system).

Housing development in Quyon
The municipality will negotiate a cost-sharing agreement with a developer for costs of infrastructure improvements, such as for sewers and drinking water. The mayor gave notice that he will introduce a borrowing bylaw to pay for necessary improvements to sewer and water infrastructure in the village of Quyon.
The municipal Director of Technical Services is asked to implement a program to reduce consumption of drinking water in Quyon, by increasing awareness of conservation, and enforcing the bylaw on not using drinking water to water lawns.

Subdivisions approved
Luc Cayer received approval to subdivide 31 ch de la Rivière to create a private road with six building lots (Breckenridge Bay).
Jeanne D’Arc Éthier received council’s approval to subdivide a lot at 1 Chamberland to create one new building lot. This is off Père Dominicains, near route 148.
Huguette Hallé received Council’s support for her request to the CPTAQ to subdivide part of the farmland at 1697 Hammond road.

Nuisance bylaw, Speed limits
The new Nuisance bylaw and new procedures for its application were adopted.
Lower speed limits were adopted - 40 km/h for many residential roads and 50 km/h for ch Pères Dominicains and ch de la Baie. Signs will be changed.

Committee heads
The new list of councillors responsible for various committees was adopted as follows by a majority vote, with Brian Middlemiss voting against.
Eddie McCann, Mayor: Public Works (roads) 
Jean Amyotte, Pro-mayor: Town planning, Bicycle trail
Lynne Beaton: Recreation and Culture, OMH
Roger Larose: Environment, Water, Docks
Inès Pontiroli: Public Security
Brian Middlemiss: Publicity / Website, Public information 
Tom Howard: Public Works (equipment), Tolerance roads

Benedikt Kuhn, formerly of the CLD Pontiac, is appointed as Assistant Director General.

Tolerance roads
Since chemin des Lilas is part of a residential development by Saravan Properties, has been paved and will be transferred to the municipality, it is removed from the list of tolerance roads receiving subsidies. Three other road associations have been struck off the list of tolerance roads as they no longer exist or are not registered: ch Breckenridge, de la Baie Noire, Plage PIerre Tremblay.

Money matters
The following amounts were approved:
Invoices for July amounting to $79,485; fixed expenses of $299,348; as well as incurred expenses for August of $17,433 including taxes.
$84,300 before tax, to Nortrax to buy a 2012 John Deere backhoe.
$48,640 plus tax to Jason Hynes Construction for paving ch Terry-Fox.
$19,000 plus tax to Jason Jones Marine for a 10 wheeler Ford Sterling 2000 truck
$10,603 to Association ch Sumac, $4,500 to Ass. Héron Bleu, and $2,051 to Ass. Pointe aux Roches, for special projects, from the tolerance road budget.

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