Pontiac council report - promoting Pontiac businesses
Mo Laidlaw
The regular Pontiac council meeting was held on 11 September 2012 at the Luskville community centre. About twenty people attended.

Savour the Pontiac
Nancy Maxsom thanked the municipality for last month’s “very nice event”, and asked if this is paid for by the revenue from business permits, which she understands is to promote businesses. There are about 130 businesses in the booklet produced by the municipality a few years ago, so permits would produce about $6500 per year. Councillor Inès Pontiroli said that the “Savour” event is organized by volunteers, and the budget was $3000. She hopes there will be considerably more money next year, to allow better advertising and professional signs. Another event is to be held on 27 September, to which all registered businesses in the municipality will be invited, as well as the Chamber of Commerce of MRC Pontiac. The budget for this is $1000.

Zoning change requested
Bill Twolan repeated a request he made last month - to change the zoning along route 148 to “commercial”. He received permission from the CPTAQ in January 2011, to hold a “public market to sell regional farm produce, as well as local country food (une table champêtre).” Presumably this does not cover his “son’s lemonade stand,” as he said he has “to apply to the CPTAQ for permission to have the lemonade stand on farm land, which costs $273, and it is $50 for a municipal business permit.” Perhaps he must also pay $154 to register as a Québec lobbyist - someone who has oral or written communication with a public officeholder in an attempt to influence a decision on amending a law or issuing a permit.
At a special meeting in August, Council voted against paying Mr Twolan $4560.18 for his legal fees for research on Hurdman road, but also resolved to start negotiations with him on this. The next day Mr Twolan sent the mayor and councillors a formal notice (mise-en-demeure). More legal fees?

Farming stinks (sometimes)
James Eggleton is concerned about the smell from spreading biosolids on farmland. He described this as “raw sewage and human waste”. Mayor Eddie McCann reminded him that treated sewage is not “raw”. The ministries of environment (MDDEP) and agriculture (MAPAQ) have strict controls on spreading biosolids. Approval has to be obtained from MDDEP for a specific area, and the biosolids must be analyzed to show that there is no risk to public and animal health. Any odours generally do not last for more than a few days. Treated septage (septic sludge) does not contain pathogens and has low potential to generate odours. Spreading these wastes on farmland reduces the need for artificial fertilizer as well as reducing the CO2 emissions that incinerating or putting these wastes in landfill would generate. For more information see: http://www.mddep.gouv.qc.ca/matieres/articles/Municipal-biosolids.pdf

Noisy, speeding trucks

Rita Van Waard is concerned about heavy truck traffic on ch River, and the speed they are going. The 50 km/hr signs have disappeared. “When construction continues at the Pontiac Airpark, can trucks be made to enter from the 148 at the west end, rather than by way of Cochrane?” Charles Dickson pointed out that the ch River bridge over the Mohr creek, immediately east of the Airpark, has a weight limit of 5 tons, which should stop heavy trucks from approaching the Airpark from the east.
Council will ask Hydro Quebec to install electrical service on ch River between no. 7861 (near the junction with route 148) and ch Mohr, a distance of about 2 km, to “encourage residential development and economic growth.” This will benefit the developer of the Airpark.

Fire protection
Barrie Marfleet thanked the municipality for putting up the fire risk signs at the entrances to Pontiac, and asked if “fire ban in effect” could be added to the sign when relevant. The signs will be stored during the winter. One new volunteer firefighter was hired, as usual subject to one year probation, and one firefighter resigned. GRH Solutions will be asked to start the hiring process for a new Fire Chief and a Fire Prevention officer. The present Fire Chief has won a snowploughing contract, which he cannot carry out if he remains a municipal employee.

The Toponymy Commission will be asked to register the name ch. Quero for a new side road accessing 20 lots off ch des Lilas. (Quero is the brand name used by Heinz in Brazil for its ketchup and canned vegetables, but presumably this is not why it is proposed here.)
Council approved new lot boundaries for 1484 route 148 (Terry Dagenais and Elaine Allard) and 155 ch Terry-Fox (François Vachon). This takes account of the realignment (S curve) of Terry-Fox where it crosses route 148.
The municipality advises the CSPO (school board) that it is interested in transferring its lot next to the Notre-Dame-de-la-Joie school to allow an extension to the school.

Money matters
The following amounts were approved since the last regular meeting:
Invoices for August amounting to $48,429; fixed expenses of $257,911; as well as incurred expenses for September of $60,351 including taxes.
$264,992 to R.H. Nugent for snowploughing sector B, 2012-2015 (3 winters).
$237, 612 to Excavation Allen for snowploughing sector C, 2012-2015 (3 winters).
$20,000 to MRC Pontiac for TransporAction.
$5,500 to EXP to set up a program to look for leaks in the Quyon water supply pipes.
$1,300 added to the amount to Signo-Tech to buy “Slow down” signs.
$1,123 to pay for a management course at UQO for a member of staff.
$425 to Denis Whelan for painting the municipal offices.

Official minutes of council meetings (which do not include details of the public input and replies, but have more details on resolutions), are at: http://www.municipalitepontiac.com/en/council-and-municipal-committees/minutes-of-council-meetings/
[and http://www.municipalitepontiac.com/fr/conseil-et-comites-municipaux/proces-verbaux/ ]

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