Pontiac council report - no progress on sludge in sewers
Mo Laidlaw
The regular Pontiac council meeting was held on 9 October 2012 at the Luskville community centre. Nearly thirty people attended. Councillor Amyotte was absent.

Public participation

Barrie Marfleet wanted to know who he should have called, when a contractor (possibly on a building site on ch Asaret) was burning material “east of Cedarvale,” which deposited ash on his and his neighbour’s house. He was told, dial 911. The 911 dispatcher will decide what is appropriate.
Madeleine Carpentier, Rick Knox and Bill Twolan all wanted to know if their earlier reports and comments to council were being acted upon. Mayor Eddie McCann, renowned as the most respectful of the Des Collines mayors, came close to sounding irritated, as he explained that the public question period is not to argue, debate or get into verbal matches between council and the public, just to answer questions. “All 6000 people in the municipality deserve answers.”
A motion in the meeting to give Mr Knox the information he has requested (on fees charged by the municipal lawyer) was rejected by 3 votes to 3.

19 Egan investigation stalled

It is alleged that in April 2012 Septik Allen (a septic pumping service), dumped sludge into the Quyon sewers at 19 Egan street. The municipal head of technical services confirmed that a connection had been made to the sewer without a permit (liable to a fine of $2000). Multi Drain Inc confirmed the presence of sludge in the sewers, but couldn’t confirm the source without a doubt. This investigation has cost the municipality $5000 so far. Pursuing this with an engineering firm could cost $5000. Legal proceedings will cost a minimum of $3000 with no guarantee of winning. Council was divided on a motion to stop further investigations and recommend that neighbours take civil action for damages, so it did not pass. A second motion to accept an offer from Solutions Nature to investigate further, for $4000 was rejected by a majority. Councillor Pontiroli will be making a proposal at the next meeting.

Paving, roads

Offers for paving will be requested for ch Stanton, the town hall parking lot, ch Crégheur from ch de la Montagne to the mailboxes, at the James Coyle building (drinking water treatment), and repairing rue Clarendon and St. Andrew. The maximum budgets will be $50,000, $35,000, $29,000, $9,000 and $4,500 respectively. At least two tenders are required except for the two smallest jobs.
A majority approved payment of $6,752 (negotiated amount) to Bill Twolan for 6 years snowploughing and road maintenance, as well as research on legal ownership of ch Hurdman. Mr McCann said he would register his opposition, but will not veto this motion.
Councillor Middlemiss has been added to the Tolerance road committee, with Councillor Howard in charge. If you are persistent you will find committee chairs listed on the municipal website (but here it is: http://www.municipalitepontiac.com/fr/conseil-et-comites-municipaux/votre-conseil-municipal/delegation/ )
The municipality gives the Pontiac association of snowmobilers (AMP), and the Club Quad de Pontiac the rights of passage they request. The clubs are responsible for installing signs.

The floating boat docks in Quyon will be removed now, to allow access for work to be carried out, and possible reconfiguration in the spring.
To receive the Quebec government contribution to the drinking water plant (from the gas tax), all residents must contribute $28 per year for four years to a municipal infrastructure fund.


Julie Galipeau is appointed team-leader of the planning department. (A newly hired director of urban planning left for another job after two days).
Council approved Eve Heafey’s request to combine four lots into one (lot 29, range 4) at 7531 ch River. This is the Pontiac Air Park, owned by a numbered company, 3764729 Canada Inc. Next, council approved a request by Michel Tondreau and Chantal Gagné to create a new lot 29-1 from part of the new lot. In the question period Charles Dickson asked if André Durocher’s plan for the Airpark is now public - it is.
Ronald Bélec’s request to subdivide part of lot 2 864 119 into five lots was approved. This appears to be on the south side of ch Pères Dominicains, north of Avenue des Quatre Saisons.

Council supports the following requests to the CPTAQ
Robert Monette’s to add about half a hectare of farmland to an existing cottage lot east of ch Kennedy.
Pierre Crévier’s appeal of the CPTAQ decision not to allow a residence to be built for his children, on farmland near his house.
Victor Benoit, 3233 route 148, wants to add about 1.5 acres from the farm to the house lot, because the well is located there and the land is unsuitable for farming. He is selling the farm land.


08-12 is a new bylaw on agreements for municipal infrastructure works (e.g. road building, lighting, drainage). It lays down width of roads, diameter of storm drains etc. and formalizes requirements for developers who want their projects to be taken over by the municipality on completion - approvals, plans, engineering studies including on the watershed, financial guarantees, contribution to parks fund, and so on.
12-RM-02 Update to the bylaw on animals, clarifies some definitions - e.g. a wandering animal is one outside its owner’s property, and not on a lead.
12-RM-03 Update to the bylaw on traffic and parking, for example adding Segways and ATVs to vehicles prohibited on sidewalks and in public parks, and giving municipal employees the right to cut branches that hide road signs. The fine for road-racing is $1000.

Money matters

The following amounts were approved:
Invoices for September amounting to $78,794; fixed expenses of $432,373; as well as incurred expenses for October of $29,845 including taxes.
$6000 per year for five years starting in 2013 will be budgeted from the working capital fund to pay for the renovations that have been done at the Luskville Community Centre. The remaining $7422 will come from the operating budget.
Three speed bumps will be installed on ch Marquis for a cost of $9700, which will be paid for by a local improvement tax on Marquis residents, over five years.
$4500 plus tax to Provencher Roy to manage the process of adopting planning and building bylaws.
The CSST (health and safety at work commission) requires an employee to take a chain saw operating course at Réseautact, at a cost of $2230.
$100 for the municipality to join the Pontiac Chamber of Commerce.

Previous reports are archived at: http://www.heritagepontiac.ca/Municipality 
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