Pontiac council report - Lusk project residents want roads paved, playground
Mo Laidlaw
The regular Pontiac council meeting was held on 13 November 2012 at the Luskville community centre. Over thirty people attended the question period at the beginning of the meeting, mostly from the Lusk Project off ch. Crégheur, wondering why their roads have not been paved while those in other areas have been. Sandra Kluke acted as spokesperson for this group. The area was surveyed in 2009, when 75 residents wanted paving, compared to 9 who were afraid that paving the roads would increase speeding. Mayor Eddie McCann replied that it is up to their councillor, Brian Middlemiss, to push for paving in ward 5. Mr McCann arranged an early meeting with residents. Another matter for concern is that there is no children’s playground. Mr Middlemiss replied that no land was donated to the municipality for a park, although normally this is a requirement when there is a subdivision.

More on roads
Jane Gardner requested an update on ch Braun, also in ward 5. Mr McCann replied that work is on schedule to change one big culvert and possibly 2 or 3 others this year. The engineering study recommended removing four feet of material in some places before paving. “Obviously the ‘frost boils’ need digging out,” said Mr McCann. These are clayey areas that become very soft in the spring. “We need to keep roads in good shape whether paved or not, but in the long term paving is less expensive for the municipality than maintaining gravel roads that need frequent grading.”

A new road association for the non-municipal part of ch Elm and ch Hurdman has been formed and was accepted by council.
Chemin Marquis residents will not have to pay for their speed bumps after all as they were installed without consulting all residents.

The Ministry of Transport will be asked to modify the crossing to the municipal complex and firehall from route 148 southeastbound, to line up with the new entrance. MTQ will also be asked to shorten the cement edging at the end of the “four lanes” to ease access to Docteur VTT from the west.

Stéphane Doré’s offer to assist in town planning as well as make recommendations for the town planning department is accepted.
The following subdivision requests were approved.
Roy Nugent’s request to subdivide a lot at 101 ch Parker into two lots and a private road, “since the lot was not farmed when the Act for protection of farm land came into force, and so the authorization of the CPTAQ is not required”, according to article 101 of the Act.
Mike Clemann’s request to subdivide two lots at 19 and 22 ch Asaret, to make four lots. The two lots were larger than average on the 2007 plans because of the “zone de protection riveraine” required to protect the streams on these lots. (Perhaps the streams dried up?)
Yves Schwilden’s request to subdivide his lot at 125 ch. des Lilas into two lots.

Council supports the request to the CPTAQ by Earl Bottrill who wants to build a house on farmland for his daughter and son-in-law so that they can learn beekeeping and eventually take over the operation.


The Nuisances bylaw 07-12 repealing the earlier nuisance bylaw 06-12 was passed.
Bylaw 09-12 on a code of ethics and professional conduct for employees of the municipality of Pontiac received its first reading.
A majority of council voted to accept a document on procedures for notice of meetings.

Snow ploughing contract.
The contract with DM contracting to snowplough sector E for three years from 2011 has been cancelled as no deposit has been received, nor have required documents been provided. Instead this contract is awarded to Mountainview Turf Farm Ltd for $180,396 for two years.

Money matters
The following amounts were approved:
Invoices for October amounting to $55,516; fixed expenses of $259,821; as well as incurred expenses for November of $25,248 including taxes.
$22,000 plus tax to EXP to prepare plans for integrating septage into the wastewater treatment plant in Quyon.
$20,000 for “jaws of life” and a compressor for the fire department.
$15,000 to carry out a study into the source of silt in the Ottawa River (at the mouth of the Quyon River) and identify solutions.
$5000 for activities related to creation of the Parc du Sault-des-Chats.
$500 to Carson Tharris, a volunteer firefighter, to pay the deductible on his insurance following a collision while answering a fire call.

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