Pontiac council report
Mo Laidlaw
The regular Pontiac council meeting was held on 12 December 2012 at the Luskville community centre. The public question periods were dominated by the members of the “Municipality of Pontiac Advisory Committee”. A report on this will appear in the next issue of the Journal. A proposal to recognize this committee and collaborate with it was defeated by a majority of 4:3.

Public input
Bill Twolan asked whether council had yet fulfilled his requests, to make the whole length of highway 148 a commercial zone, move the industrial park to Breckenridge (Terry-Fox, near the end of ch Pink), closer to the urban centre of Gatineau, and allow business people to park heavy equipment at their residences. Mayor Eddie McCann replied that council is not interested in making the 148 a commercial strip, and the industrial park should not be near a residential area. “Residents like me, living in commercially zoned property can park heavy equipment overnight, but Bill, you were operating a business illegally on farmland, that’s why you can’t,” he said.
Nancy Maxsom asked where people should take their old electronics after Christmas, since the ecocentre will be closed evenings and weekends. Electronics are recycled at the community centre in Luskville. Ms Maxsom also asked why the English translation of the zoning bylaw is not yet on the website, “which is coming along nicely. We paid to have this translated for the planning committee two years ago,” she said. It will be there soon, was the answer.


Council meetings in 2013 will continue to be on the second Tuesday of each month, except for the January meeting, on the 15th. The May meeting will be held in Breckenridge and the August meeting in Quyon.
The agreement for Groupe Action Jeunesse to look after access to the gym at L’École Notre-Dame-de-la-Joie was renewed for 2013.
$3,893.99 remaining in Eardley Rec’s funds when it ceased operations will be put towards future use in recreation. Mrs Doreen Sigouin will be sent a personal letter of thanks, and other volunteers will be thanked.
Dany Girard will be allowed to use the Luskville library offices free of charge for one year, to provide psychotherapy to patients referred by doctors of the Pontiac Family Group (Groupe Familiale du Pontiac), as this is a useful service for Pontiac residents.
Estimates to install street lights at the entrance to the municipal complex (town hall) and at the intersection of Clarendon and croissant Young, will be requested and unless there are unexpected costs the installation will proceed.

Ch. de la Montagne
The MRC des Collines police will be asked to increase surveillance on ch. de la Montagne, because users are passing where it is not permitted.
The no-parking zone near 1843 ch de la Montagne will be enlarged to extend 250 m each side of number 1843 on both sides of the road, to enhance safety near the park.

Two citizen members of the CCU (planning committee) were renewed for two years: Marie-Claude Pineau and David Birt.
The following subdivision requests were approved:
Roy Nugent wishes to divide part of a lot at 3281 route 148 to enlarge two other lots.
Mike Clemann wishes to divide a lot at 36 ch Asaret to make two lots.
Benoit Giroux wishes to enlarge a lot to allow installation of a new septic system, by adding part of another lot.

The bylaw on a code of ethics for municipal employees was passed.
The bylaw on cost of permits was modified to give special dispensation to daycares in the municipality.
The bylaws on Traffic and parking, 12-RM-03, and on Public peace and good order, 12-RM-04, were modified to bring them into line with those in the rest of the MRC des Collines, since the police have to enforce them.
A bylaw to introduce a speed limit of 30 km/h in school zones was introduced. Signs will indicate the zones and speed limit.

Money matters
The following amounts were approved since the November meeting:
Invoices for November amounting to $146,813; fixed expenses of $449,337; as well as incurred expenses for December of $24,200 including taxes.
$15,000 maximum to ABV des 7, to survey the silting problem at the mouth of the Quyon River and make recommendations.
$8,000 to send 8 firefighters to a course on extrication.
$5,555 to the OMH (social housing), being the municipality’s 10% share.
$500 towards a meal for all municipal employees and members of the fire department, to top up contributions from councillors and management for this.
$300 for a training course in planning, for Julie Galipeau

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