Pontiac council report - assembly of new ferry in Quyon
Mo Laidlaw
The first regular Pontiac council meeting of 2013 was held on 15 January at the Luskville community centre. Councillors Amyotte and Middlemiss were absent, and only about 25 members of the public were present.

Public input
Lorne Dagenais and Gérard Faucher, who both operate vehicle pounds, asked why a third pound is being allowed in the municipality. “The Ville de Gatineau only has three pounds and the volume isn’t there” (for three pounds in Pontiac), said Mr. Faucher. Mayor Eddie McCann replied, “It is the SAAQ that decides, although the zoning and the amount of land has to be there. The public decides where to take their business, we have free enterprise.” However the agenda item to discuss a new pound at Jay’s mobile, 3001 route 148 was removed.

Sheila McCrindle asked when meetings giving information on implications of possibly changing from MRC des Collines to MRC Pontiac, would be held. Mr McCann said he first has to meet with the regional director of Municipal Affairs (MAMROT), and needs comparisons of costs. When there is enough information to hold meetings, invitations will be sent to all residents, with meetings in Breckenridge, Luskville and Quyon. MAMROT makes the decision on the make-up of MRCs, not the municipality. The minister could ask for a referendum but this is not automatic if changes are proposed.

Denis Dubé asked why the estimate for the community centre in Quyon has gone down to $1.2 million in the budget. Mr McCann said, “The original estimate ($2.1 million) was made by an engineer for a preliminary plan to obtain grants. It included $100,000 for demolition of the existing hall, as well as lots of expensive details.” M. Dubé also asked questions to do with legality of various council actions. Sylvain Bertrand, Director general, replied that council is acting within the municipal code.

Bill Twolan asked when the nature reserve would be rezoned, so that it does not appear as “white zone,” available for residential development. Mr McCann replied that the MRC deals with zoning on its master plan (schema d’aménagement), not the municipality. There are several areas in Pontiac, Chelsea and La Pêche owned by the Nature Conservancy of Canada that need to be rezoned. Agricultural zoning on the other hand is decided by the CPTAQ (Quebec commission on protection of farmland), and the laws protecting farmland are provincial not municipal as Mr Twolan (a former councillor) knows.

Continuing on the subject of farm zoning and the CPTAQ, in response to a question from Rick Knox, Mr McCann said if the municipality asks for a service centre, this could possibly be allowed but otherwise the CPTAQ is unmoveable. He also hopes that one or two acre lots that have never and will never be used for farming will be removed from the green zone.

Assembling the new ferry
Magnalum Ltée of Shawville is authorized to use part of a municipal property at 2, ch du Ferry to assemble the new ferry. The company will have to carry insurance, fence the work site adequately, respect all environmental laws during the assembly, and restore the property when the work is finished,


A recycling/garbage calendar for 2013, and budget information will be sent to all residents.
The report on water leaks in the village of Quyon has been tabled and is now available to the public.
Bylaw 12-RM-02 was passed to update the animal bylaw.

Clothing donation bins
Residents should be aware that new donation bins may be a commercial operation, and do not assist those in need in the municipality. Use only the bins at the Maison de la Famille in Quyon and the St. Vincent de Paul on chemin du Village in Luskville.

Money matters
The following amounts were approved:
Invoices for December amounting to $34,796; fixed expenses of $500,600; as well as incurred expenses for January of $1,246 including taxes.
$24,529 to assist five associations with their programs, including $8,500 to Groupe Action Jeunesse, $7,500 to Quyon Sports and Recreation, $5,529 to Shawville for use of their ice rink, $2000 to Beechgrove Recreation and $1000 to Les Blés d’or de Luskville.
$15,000 in a reserve fund for asphalt for repairing roads, to be taken from the surplus.
$11,200 to Brent Mainville for winter and summer maintenance of the Luskville park.
$8,500 per year to Groupe Action Jeunesse for controlling access to the gym at the school in Luskville, 7 days per week.
A maximum of $6,800 to replace the front door of the old part of municipal offices.
$5,500 to Christian Lauzon to maintain Davis Park in the winter.
A maximum of $5,000 to buy a used jack hammer from Kocpo.
$3,400 per year to library staff (an increase).
$1,385 to MDL Telecom to update the municipal office phone system and add two telephone lines.

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