Pontiac council report - changing MRCs?
Mo Laidlaw
The Pontiac council meeting of 12 February 2013 at the Luskville community centre.

Study on MRCs
A resolution to ask Municipal Affairs (MAMROT) to carry out a cost/benefit study of a possible transfer of Pontiac from the MRC des Collines to the MRC Pontiac was passed. (25% of the municipal budget goes to the MRC, mainly for administration and police service). If a change appears advantageous, a referendum will be held. Possible regrouping of MRC Pontiac municipalities may delay comparisons.

The bylaw on prices for permits and certificates was modified, to bring in a new fee schedule. This covers septic systems, wells, subdivision, building permits, business and daycare permits, and permits for special events such as auctions, celebrations, fire or fireworks, and disposal fees at the Ecocentre.

Laval research project on groundwater
Council passed a resolution to support a Laval University project on mapping groundwater in the Outaouais. This is funded by the ministry of Environment (MDDEP).


Council voted to allow two minor derogations to the zoning by laws. The first case (85 Cedarvale), supported by the planning committee (CCU), involved a building put up ten years ago, slightly larger than allowed and too close to the lot line. The second (128 Stanton) is for a subdivision into three lots where access to one lot is noncompliant, as it is behind the other two lots. This was not supported by the CCU, and Councillor Amyotte voted against.

Two lots belonging to Paulette Séguin and Dwain Smith may be joined into one at 89 de Mésanges.
A lot at 1090 ch Smith Leonard (Pierre Daoust) is permitted to be subdivided into two, having been authorised by the CPTAQ for use other than farming.

Stéphane Alary, Hélène Bélisle, Denis Dubé and Patrice Séguin’s mandates on the CCU are renewed for two years.
Councillor Amyotte will be presenting bylaws to allow a member of the CCU to take minutes of the meeting, and to establish a code of ethics and professional conduct for CCU members.

School zone speed limits.
A new bylaw will prohibit driving above 30 km/h in the school zones of ch du Village, and rue Church and rue de Clarendon, from Monday to Friday, for the entire year. Signs will be installed.

Municipal roads
Council accepts work costing a total of $75,503, done on municipal roads to Department of Transport requirements, for which subsidies of $75,000 were received.

Money matters
The Caisse Populaire Masham-Luskville will issue municipal bonds amounting to $2,754,000 for a five year term, as their tender was lower than that of the Banque Nationale. Most of this amount is for the drinking water project.

The following amounts were approved:
Invoices for January amounting to $93,006; fixed expenses of $314,953; as well as incurred expenses for February of $39,839.
$51,560 to come from working capital, to pay for part of the Town Hall renovations.
$8,809 from the parks and playgrounds reserve to general funds to pay for Bellevue and Hirondelles Parks.
A budget of $2500 for GRH Solutions to monitor staffing in the municipality at $150 per hour.
$1500 to install internet access at the Albert Kennedy centre in Quyon, the Luskville community centre, and the Breckenridge community room in the fire station building.

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