Pontiac council report - a brewery for Quyon?
Mo Laidlaw
There were 25 members of the public at the Pontiac council meeting of 12 March 2013 at the Luskville community centre.

Kevin Brady asked how citizens can get involved in implementing the strategic plan adopted in April 2012. Mayor Eddie McCann suggested that anyone who’d like to be involved should email the mayor (Eddie McCann mccann.eddie@municipalitepontiac.com) and he will put them in touch with the councillor responsible for specific objectives, for example Tom Howard for the Sault-des-Chats Park, Inès Pontiroli for partnerships with the National Capital Commission (NCC) and the MRC, and Mr McCann for increasing the population and job creation.

The CLD des Collines (Centre for local development) initiated the “Chantier brassicole” in Cantley, to stimulate job creation and diversify the local economy. At a special meeting on 19 February, council passed a resolution to collaborate with the CLD to look into introducing a similar project in Pontiac. This would promote several of the strategic objectives, such as job creation, revitalization of agriculture (growing hops and barley), development of heritage and the village of Quyon (the Dowd Mill), and the establishment of a brewery.

Sheila McCrindle asked if council will respond to Bill 14 which proposes changes that might affect Pontiac’s bilingual status. Mr McCann said a resolution on this was passed in January.

Carl Hager submitted a photo of a property on River Road. Its state decreases the value of neighbouring properties, which is not reflected in the municipal evaluation. He hopes that the nuisance bylaw can be used to improve the situation. He gave notice that he will bring a photo of another house to the next meeting.

Barrie Marfleet asked for the intersection of route 148 and ch Terry-Fox to be improved. There isn’t a left turn lane from the 148, and drivers cannot see cars waiting to cross the highway. “More drivers are taking Terry-Fox and Pink to go to and from Hull, to avoid Allumettières, where the traffic lights don’t cooperate” (i.e. every light is red.) Mr McCann said he will mention this to the Ministry of Transport representative who he is meeting soon.

Savour the Pontiac
The date for the 2013 Savour the Pontiac event will be July 27/28 at the waterfront in Quyon, in order to coincide with the Défi Champlain fundraiser for the CSSSG (Gatineau hospitals). The canoers are expected to pass Quyon that weekend, so an official invitation will be sent to the Hospital Foundation to show the municipality’s support. Councillor Pontiroli is in charge of the event.

Parking on ch de la Montagne
The NCC will be asked to make the trail from ch de la Montagne up to the Champlain Lookout official, reopen the parking lot, and install a few picnic tables. Closing the parking lot led to increased parking on the road and private property and increased the risk of accidents. As a goodwill gesture the municipality will maintain the area (snow ploughing, garbage pickup, cleaning etc.).

Residents of ch Lac Beauclair and ch Joanisse will be asked if they are willing to pay 50% of the cost of paving, now that there is an estimate of the cost.

Julie Galipeau, currently the manager of the urban planning department, is appointed as interim head of the department on condition that she continues her studies to obtain a building and environment inspector certificate within one year.
Councillor Amyotte, who is chairman of the CCU (planning committee) introduced a bylaw on a code of ethics and professional conduct for members of the CCU.

Following a minor derogation that was allowed at the February meeting, Thomas Armstrong’s subdivision of 128 Stanton into three lots was approved by a majority of council, on condition that the municipality will not be liable for access to the municipal water supply.
Gilles Lafleur’s request to subdivide 350 ch Bradley into two lots was approved.
Council supports Brent Mainville and Tracie St-Jean’s request to the CPTAQ to build a residence on farmland at 115 ch Dion.

In February, 17 letters were received at the municipality about Remorquage Jay Mobile operating a business in the farm zone at 326 ch Crégheur. Five letters commented on a proposed zoning change for ch des Lilas in Breckenridge, and two were about a business selling heavy equipment at 1899 route 148.

Money matters
The following amounts were approved:
Invoices for February amounting to $30,388; fixed expenses of $384,575; incurred expenses for March of $54,465.
$43,576 to Doménick Sigouin Inc to install a drinking water pipe in Quyon.
$42,709 will be financed from working capital at $8,541 per year for five years, to pay for the John Deere backhoe.
$24,163 will be financed from working capital at $4832.59 per year for five years, to pay for the 2011 Ford Ranger.
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