Pontiac council report - Highway and roads,
Mo Laidlaw
The April Pontiac council meeting was held on April 9, 2013 at the Luskville community centre. The May 14 meeting will be in Breckenridge at the fire station.

Mayor Eddie McCann made a statement about the detour around the recent highway 148 culvert collapse at Chartrand Creek. A local contractor is grading the detour. Photos have been taken of the municipal roads on the diversion and the Ministry of Transport have agreed to restore them to a better state than they were before the extra traffic, after the highway is repaired. Mr McCann thanked residents for their patience and understanding.

Barrie Marfleet asked about the intersection of route 148 and ch Terry-Fox which he had flagged at the last meeting. Mr McCann said MTQ are not aware of a problem. They will look into it. It was suggested that a petition to MTQ might raise awareness, and the municipality will set up an online petition on their website.

The reconstruction of the highway between Terry-Fox and Maple, originally scheduled for last year, has been postponed until late fall. There are 8 parcels of land still to be purchased, and hydro poles have to be relocated.

Road repairs
Jane Gardner asked for an update on Braun road. The municipality still has to request a meeting with the Nature Conservancy and a surveyor. It appears that the preliminary study suggests that preparatory work may be more extensive and costly than originally assumed, because the adjacent land is flooded in the spring and the roadbed may need to be raised considerably.

Tenders will be asked for paving Stanton road, work on de la Montagne, and repairing McKay/Kawartha, Dubois and Cedarvale roads, as well as sidewalk repairs in Quyon.

Roadside weeds
Blake Draper representing the UPA (farmers’ union) and local farmers, asked for roadside weeds to be cut in June rather than September. If they are cut late, weeds have already set seed and spread to farmers’ fields.

Jean Vaillant asked for permission to keep his dog loose at night on his property. “It’s a working dog.” Someone will look into this - the animal bylaw is the responsibility of the MRC.

James Reid asked for help as a small business owner. He needs to store construction material and vehicles for his business, but understands that because his property is not zoned commercial, this is considered a “nuisance”. Mr McCann said council will help him find a suitable place to operate his business.

The municipality asks the MRC des Collines for the complete engineering report by SM Inc. on the dam at Lac Beamish (also known as Lac Mountains). Breckenridge creek is below this dam, which is in Chelsea.

The municipality intends to provide land, free of charge for a community garden in Quyon.

Pioneer wireless is awarded the contract to provide internet access at the Albert Kennedy Centre in Quyon, the community centre in Luskville and the Breckenridge community centre.

The summary (only) of the report on the possible dumping of septage into the sewage system in Quyon has been tabled, so is now available to the public.

Money matters
The following amounts were approved:
Invoices for March amounting to $50,790; fixed expenses of $410,609; incurred expenses for April of $36,564 including taxes.
$20,923.08 to Campbell’s Bay Ciment to pour a concrete slab at the ecocentre to allow material to be sorted.
$8,468.49 for a hydraulic post driver for the Public Works department.
$4,661 as the municipal share (10%) of the 2013 OMH budget (social housing).
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