Pontiac council report - procurement procedures to be improved
Mo Laidlaw

Twenty members of the public attended the 14 May council meeting held at the fire station in Breckenridge.

Thomas Soulière complained about intolerable noise from the access to the river at 195 Cedarvale, which is used by ATVs etc. It is owned by a consortium. The police have told him they have no jurisdiction, he is hoping the municipality can do something. Also vehicles are not respecting the speed limit on Cedarvale since it was paved.

Rick Knox asked what council is going to do about the neighbour at 1656 route 148, who parks heavy equipment there. Mr Knox has received a letter from the CPTAQ confirming it is a residential lot in the farm zone and saying that it is up to the municipality to enforce its bylaws. Mayor Eddie McCann said it was up to the owner to apply to the CPTAQ for non-agricultural use, implying that the municipality is unlikely to enforce the zoning bylaw. He said “I don’t want to commit. We’re trying to get a solution that works for everyone.” Mr Knox and his wife have been trying to resolve this issue for over a year without any action from the municipality.

Barrie Marfleet wanted clarification on the fire risk signs. “Does it mean there is a fire ban?” (when the fire risk is extreme). According to Mr McCann only SOPFEU can enforce a fire ban, but the municipality strongly recommends against open fires unless the risk is low.

Carl Hager described highway 148 as “a scenic deathtrap” and suggested that the hydro wires should be put underground when the section between Terry-Fox and Maple is reconstructed, as well as having a turning lane for entering Terry-Fox.

Nicole Gibeault wanted to thank the municipality for providing a pile of sand and bags on Cedarvale near Dupont, for flood prevention, when the Ottawa River was high. The mayor added that help was given on Bord de l’eau and Stanley as well, and the roads raised to allow access for fire trucks in case of emergency.
Later James Eggleton asked about building the new community centre in Quyon on the site of the Lions Club, near the river. Mr McCann repeated that the site is above the high-water mark, there is a public water supply, and no problem with the septic system. The car park is lower, which may be a problem for a couple of weeks a year. “It is the most beautiful piece of public land between Gatineau and Chapeau,” he said.

08-13: A new bylaw was read on procedures to be followed when procuring goods and services. Any acquisition costing between $2,500 and $25,000 must be done by mutual agreement or invitation to tender or public tender. Local suppliers must be approached first. Between $25,000 and $100,000 acquisitions must be by invitation to tender or public tender. Over $100,000 there must be a public call for tenders and an estimate of the cost must be made before tenders are opened, and made public after the contract is awarded. Over $25,000 there is a weighting system for certain criteria in addition to price. Over $100,000 a performance bond will be required, and may be required for lower value acquisitions.

06-13: The working capital fund of the municipality is increased to $500,000 from $250,000.

The Ministry of Transport is asked to repair highway 148 between Crégheur and the beginning of the four lanes (i.e. in Heyworth) because the road surface is in poor condition and could cause loss of control by drivers, leading to collisions.
Suzanne Parker described the condition of the detour around the sinkhole on highway 148 as “terrible” and said that her car needed repairs after driving daily on this detour.

The Director of Public Works is asked to draw up a program for routine maintenance of municipal equipment to ensure that it is in working order when required, and make it possible to anticipate costs of repairs.

The CCU (Planning committee) will act officially as the local heritage committee for the municipality.
Chantal Poulin wishes to join two lots together near 422 ch Clavelle off River road, to create a larger lot, and to rebuild a house following a loss. Council approved this.

The area of de la Sapinière, des Plages and du Lac is officially acknowledged as “Plage des Pères.

Money matters
The following amounts were approved since last month:
Invoices for April amounting to $56,034; fixed expenses of $429,043; incurred expenses for May of $46,961 including taxes.
$78,370 for paving Stanton Road, to Jason Hynes construction Inc.
$20,000 for the purchase, installation and layout at the ecocentre of a prefabricated building from the firm Doma Tech Inc.
$18,975 for repair of Rose, McKay and Kawartha roads, to Jason Hynes Construction Inc.
$18,300 for repair of Dubois road, to Jason Hynes Construction Inc.
$8,250 for the Champlain celebrations during the Savour the Pontiac event, to add to an equal amount from the CLD des Collines and $7,500 from CRÉO.
$6,000 plus tax to André Durocher for surveying part of Braun road.
$4,000 to install a fire hydrant on rue Egan near the bridge over the Quyon river.
$2,800 to Association chemin Sumac; $2,700 to Association Propriétaires Héron Bleu; and $4,715 to Plage Albert Tremblay - all plus taxes. These sums are for special road improvement projects.
$2,167 plus tax to Sylvie Drolet to translate the planning bylaws into English.

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