Pontiac council report - action for seniors
Mo Laidlaw

Twenty members of the public attended the 11 June council meeting in Luskville. Mayor Eddie McCann and Councillor Larose were absent. Pro Mayor Jean Amyotte presided the meeting.

Notice of future bylaws
Notice was given of bylaw 17-13 creating a financial reserve for fire prevention and fire fighting. Every time the Jaws of life are required, the SAAQ pays a certain sum, totalling $17,510 in 2012. Amounts received from the SAAQ will be deposited in the reserve fund.

Notice was given of bylaw 18-13 changing earlier bylaws on creating a reserve fund for repairing roads leading to quarries and sandpits. The operator of a quarry or sandpit is required to keep records and charge fees according to the weight of material moved over public roads. The fees go into the municipal reserve fund.

Notice was given of bylaw 19-13 reducing the speed limit to 50 km/h on ch Papineau.

Friends of the elderly
The MADA program (municipalité amie des ainés http://aines.gouv.qc.ca/mada/) aims to provide a policy and action plan for older members of the community. The MRC des Collines has already joined and committed to contribute $5,000, and L’Ange Gardien and Val des Monts have also joined. Joining a collective request for membership allows access to $50,000 of provincial grants to assist with creation of the policy and action plan. Councillor Inès Pontiroli is nominated as the councillor in charge of this file.

Council supported five requests:
Leila Ghobril’s request to the CPTAQ to use 51 Parker (close to the Ottawa river) as a bed and breakfast, a “non-farm” usage.
Eve Heafey’s request to subdivide a 74 ha lot at 7531 River (the Air Park, owned by a numbered company) to create a new lot.
Yvon Chartrand and Lise Chartrand’s request to join two lots together, already approved by the CPTAQ.
Richard Filiou and Dianna Corcoran’s request to subdivide a lot off ch Sumac into four lots with an access road.
Angela Mary Belsher and Jeffrey Ireland’s request to join two lots together, at 106 and 108 ch Stanton(28 May).

At a special meeting on 21 May, a majority of council approved a minor derogation, allowing Wayne Hartley to subdivide a lot at 209 Kerr, with a new access lane to the second lot.

Mme Natacha Papillon is nominated as secretary for meetings of the planning committee (CCU).

Municipal webpage
Minutes of council meetings from 2009 to 2011 are now available online under “archives”.
www.municipalitepontiac.com/fr/conseil-et-comites-municipaux/proces-verbaux/archives-municipales/ in French
www.municipalitepontiac.com/en/council-and-municipal-committees/minutes-of-council-meetings/municipal-archives/ in English

Route bleue
On 21 May Council voted to support the CDE Pontiac’s request to the CLD des Collines (these are local development agencies) to support the Route Bleue de la Kichi Sibi in 2014. This is a proposed canoe and kayak route on the Ottawa river between Rapides-des-Joachims (Swisha) and the city of Gatineau, of which about 40 km is in Pontiac municipality. Several “blue routes” have been developed as part of the Sentier Maritime du Saint-Laurent, in partnership with Tourisme Québec. This will be the first Route bleue outside the St-Laurent valley. In addition a committee is working to create a Nautical Station for the Ottawa River between Fassett and Rapides-des-Joachims, to promote tourism on the Ottawa river.

Money matters
The following amounts were approved since last month:
Invoices for May amounting to $118,960; fixed expenses of $216,655; incurred expenses for June of $24,442 including taxes.
$20,000 for a building including a generator, from Doma Tech Ltd (this replaces an earlier resolution for the building alone).
$14,000 for purchase and installation of a play structure at Hirondelles Park, at the end of ch Tremblay. This is $3000 more than the budgeted amount, the extra cost coming from the Parks and Playgrounds fund.

Archived reports are at: http://www.heritagepontiac.ca/Municipality 
The Action Pontiac blog at http://actionpontiac.blogspot.com has information about local events.