Pontiac council report - is smelly smoke a nuisance?
Mo Laidlaw

At least 35 members of the public attended the 9 July council meeting in Luskville, many of them firefighters and their families, present for the award ceremony preceding the council meeting (reported earlier).

Nuisance bylaw - enforcement
Benoit Bussières and Rémi Larose wanted to know if anything can be done to reduce the unpleasant smell of burning and smoke coming from a neighbour’s external stove at all hours of the day and night. Because the fire is contained in a stove it is not against the fire regulations. No one seemed to know if this is already covered by the nuisance bylaw, although Rick Knox, with neighbour problems of his own, stated that odours are listed as a nuisance, although he has not been able to get the bylaw officer to enforce this. Councillor Larose gave notice that he will add a modification to the nuisance bylaw to cover abusive production of smoke from camp fires or other sources.
Mr Knox continues to have problems with noise from his neighbour’s heavy equipment, being stored and operated on a residential lot in the agricultural zone, and suggests also that excavation is being carried out without a permit.
Joan Belsher said that the nuisance bylaw requires lawns to be a maximum of 15 cm in height, but this doesn’t seem to be enforced. Mayor Eddie McCann suggests that residents should call the office to report problems (455-2401).

Community centre, Quyon
Joan Belsher asked for an update on progress on the new multipurpose hall to replace the Lions Hall, a World War II Quonset hut. Mr McCann said that according to Charlotte L’Écuyer, MNA, Québec should make a decision on funding in the fall. There is a new set of standards that have to be met to qualify for a grant. If the existing plan is not approved, a modified design may be put forward.

The mill in Quyon
Nancy Maxsom asked whether it is a good idea to spend $40,000 cleaning the mill when there is not yet a proposed use for the building. Why not demolish the building, sell the land and save this money? Mr McCann explained that 50-75 years of usage has to be cleaned. The building and land cost $80,000, while the land required for the pumping station alone would have cost $60,000, so it was a bargain. It is being cleaned now so that it becomes usable and can be shown to potential tenants. The only offer to clean the mill was from Nettoyage LP Laurin for $40,241.25 including taxes, which was accepted by a majority, with councillors Larose and Middlemiss voting against.

The water system in Quyon
Before development in Quyon north of the Quyon river, the water supply system may need to be modified to provide sufficient water pressure for fire fighting. Exp’s offer was accepted to work on this.

Money matters
The following amounts were approved:
Invoices for June amounting to $58,346; fixed expenses of $1,058,286; incurred expenses for July of $43,921 including taxes.
$11, 426 over three years to MDL Telecom, to change the telephone system in the municipal offices.

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