Pontiac council report - winding down before election
Mo Laidlaw

Surprisingly, because the one meeting per year in Quyon is usually well attended, fewer than 20 members of the public attended the 13 August council meeting.

Paving, roads
Claude Landriault inquired about paving the Lusk project, which he stated had 80% support. Mayor Eddie McCann said that an informal survey had shown 38 for and 12 against paving. “This is not clear enough for council to go ahead. There will be another meeting with residents, who are the ones to make the decision, not council.” Mr McCann added that even if the decision was in favour of paving it is unlikely to occur this year, “There’s too much to do.”

The Ministry of Transport is asked to repair the roads used as a detour during the recent reconstruction work on route 148, as soon as possible; chemins Alary, de la Baie and du Village.

Municipal election
Kevin Brady asked if there will be any consultation on strategic objectives before the election. Councillor Larose said, “The new council may have a new vision so we should wait.” The last possible date for this council to meet is October 4 or 5, with the last regular meeting being September 10. Mayor McCann replied to a question from James Eggleton as to whether he is running for re-election in November, “Yes.”

Nuisance bylaw - enforcement
Rick Knox wondered if splitting his complaint into four issues: heavy vehicles, nuisance, construction, and zoning, would make it simpler for council to act. Mr McCann reiterated that there is an ongoing issue with the CPTAQ (which has stated that it is up to the municipality to enforce bylaws). Mr Knox submitted photographs of huge piles of tree trunks and bulldozed land, and spoke again of industrial equipment, open fires without a permit, and unregistered vehicles being moved to another lot before an inspection.

Notice of changes to bylaws
Councillor Larose adds recognized foster families for dogs to the Animal control bylaw. For the Nuisance bylaw he adds that smoke from a camp fire, barbecue or “other” must never adversely affect neighbours or traffic.
Councillor Middlemiss gives notice of a change to the fire prevention bylaw.

Following approval by the CPTAQ 3 years ago to build in the farm zone, council authorizes registration of two residential lots near Lac Ruthledge: 9500 ch du Lac-des-Loups owned by Guy Lesage and Christine Lessard; and 4231 ch Brown, owned by Michel Lesage.
Bernard Marquis (a notary) is nominated to sit on the CCU (planning committee). Mr McCann, responding to questions said he was confident that there would be no conflict of interest involved. “He’s a professional, besides, the CCU doesn’t make the final decision.”

Pontiac Airpark
The municipality received a bill from the Pontiac Airpark for digging ditches on ch River, which council voted not to pay, since the work had not been authorized, and serves mainly to drain the owner’s land.
The municipality supports the Airpark’s request for authorization from the Ministry of Environment etc (MDDEP) to build a launching ramp, which will allow access to water for the fire department.

Other matters
Council authorized signature of an agreement with CEDEC to provide a support network for small businesses.
The service contract with the firm CTM for Fire department radio equipment is renewed.
Council authorized the director general to attend the FQM congress in September.
A spare room in the “Beach Barn” municipal building will be lent to Le Grenier des Collines association, as discussed with its director, Nathalie St-Laurent.
Alain Larose’s offer to manage the ecocentre was accepted by a majority, Councillor Howard voting against with the comment, “We need to outsource.”
A committee will be set up to select the winning tender for plans and sketches for the Terratube system . This is for septic tank sludge treatment at the lagoon.

Money matters
The following amounts were approved:
Invoices for July amounting to $53,444; fixed expenses of $324,553; incurred expenses for August of $112,612.
$210 to the Ornitaouais magazine, for publicizing the municipality as a destination for bird-watching.

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