Pontiac council report - provincial roads & Transport Québec
Mo Laidlaw

The September 10 regular council meeting, held in Luskville, was the last regular meeting before the November 3 municipal elections. About 25 members of the public attended.

Public input
Thomas Soulière announced that he has created a website to improve communication in the municipality of Pontiac. “It will aggregate content and give links to existing pages. Since we don’t have a community newspaper(!),” he said, “we need somewhere to express ideas and concerns, build Pontiac’s footprint, and have discussions and original articles, with anonymity if required.” www.pontiac2020.ca

Nancy Maxsom queried the purchase of a generator for the Ecocentre. “I thought the building came with a generator,” she said. Councillor Tom Howard replied that it did but the contractor failed to supply one. “We won’t deal with him anymore, but the building cost was $6000 less than other offers, so we’re still ahead”.

Suzanne Soulière inquired about the right of way to the Ottawa river at 195 Cedarvale. There will be a response when the city’s lawyer returns from holiday.

Bill Twolan asked whether the fire department could access ch Hurdman and the river end of ch Elm. Mayor McCann replied that the fire chief had visited last week and felt there was no problem. Material stored temporarily in the turnaround will be gone by September 19. Twolan would like to see fire drills on narrow roads such as these and other tolerance roads.

James Eggleton asked council to declare their intentions, before the official opening of the period for signing up as a candidate in the election (20 September to 4 October). Mr McCann said he would be running again for mayor as mentioned at the previous meeting. Councillor Roger Larose announced he would be running for mayor. Councillors Tom Howard and Inès Pontiroli said they would be running again. The remaining councillors declined to make an announcement.

Provincial roads
The Ministry of Transport will be reminded again of the urgent work needed in the municipality, including the detour route, ch Lac des Loups, ch Cochrane at route 148, and the drainage of the “east side” of ch Hotel-de-ville (this is a puzzle for map-lovers as ch Hotel-de-ville, like other concession roads runs east-west).

MoT will be also asked to improve access to businesses at the west end of the 4-lane section of route 148, and reduce the speed limit there.

MoT has requested the use of the ditches in the Bellevue project to drain route 148. These are municipal ditches, designed to drain the subdivision. Council passed a resolution asking MoT to carry out a drainage study before it will approve (or not) the use of these ditches.

Lusk project paving
Councillor Brian Middlemiss gave notice of a borrowing bylaw for $300,000 to pave ch Brady, ch Kerr, part of ch Crégheur, cr Ivan and cr Lusk.

Offending properties
The property at 68 ch de la Baie has fallen into disrepair and will be evaluated by the MRC to see if it has lost more than half its value (a nuisance).
The property at 338 cr Lelièvre has been cleaned up once but is deteriorating again. The municipality’s lawyer will be asked to proceed against the owner.

A changed request by Denis Papineau to divide a lot at 578 ch Papineau into two lots was approved.
A request by Wayne Hartley to divide 209 ch Kerr into two lots was approved by a majority of council. Councillors Amyotte and Pontiroli voted against because the CCU (planning committee) advised against this request.

Money matters
The following were approved at this meeting and at a special meeting on 27 August:
Invoices for August amounting to $42,288; fixed expenses of $266,219; incurred expenses for September of $21,250.
A borrowing bylaw for $350,000 over ten years, to pay for a tanker truck for the fire department.
$251,278 to 9206-9467 Québec for snowploughing sector F for three years.
$43,116 to Raymond Bélisle for excavation work on ch Crégheur.
$3000 to EXP for soil tests on ch de la Sapinière.
$2199.50 to SM Service d’Arbres for cutting trees on ch Kennedy to improve traffic and general safety.

Archived reports are at: http://www.heritagepontiac.ca/Municipality 
The Action Pontiac blog at http://actionpontiac.blogspot.com has information about local events.