Pontiac council report - external audit requested for 2013
Mo Laidlaw

Only about 20 people attended the regular council meeting on 8 April 2014 at the Marcel Lavigne community centre in Luskville. Perhaps because council has been meeting community groups and residents from some wards, no one signed the register for public input at the beginning of the meeting. Councillor Jean Amyotte and Director General Sylvain Bertrand were absent.

Waterfront and Landslip area bylaws
The main item of business was passing the municipal town planning and zoning bylaws on not building in flood zones or high risk areas for landslides, and applying standards to protect riverbanks, shores and floodplains. All of these are to bring the municipality into conformity with provincial laws. Notably, for the many waterfront residents in the municipality, no construction, tree cutting, grass cutting or snow dumping is allowed within 15 metres (inland) of the natural high water line.

Much of Quyon east of rue Church and south of rue de Clarendon is within the 100 year flood zone for the Ottawa and Quyon rivers. A high velocity zone is also described, corresponding to a risk of flooding every 20 years. Special flood-proofing requirements apply to construction in these areas, such as high windows, check valves on drains, and waterproofing.

External audit
An external audit has been requested at a cost of $19,500 plus tax, from the accounting firm Janique Éthier CPA Inc. The auditor will report exclusively to the mayor and council. Mayor Roger Larose explained later that there was a deficit of $129,292 last year and council wants to understand why, to avoid a repeat. “We want the process to be totally independent, and the director general agrees.” The director general, Sylvain Bertrand, is on paid leave while the audit is carried out.

The resolution lists the following areas to be checked for abnormalities:
1. The Urban planning department, to ensure that revenue from permits was received;
2. An analysis of wages (holidays, overtime, contract compliance, etc) of various departments of the municipality;
3. Analysis of contracts in 2010 to 2013, to ensure compliance with standards.

WiFi access will be available to citizens at municipal buildings - the password will be posted at each building.

Petro Pontiac will install (at its expense) tanks for gasoline and diesel at the municipal offices in Luskville for municipal vehicles since there isn’t a gas station in the middle of the municipality. This will reduce time spent driving to and from Quyon to refuel and will cost less than $25,000 per year.

Money matters
The following were approved:
Invoices for March amounting to $27,377, fixed expenses of $365,578, and incurred expenses for April of $35,025. 
$7150 to R. Parent Électrique for repair and maintenance of municipal buildings.
The contract with SDUrbanisme to advise on housing developments in Quyon and Domaine des Chutes (Luskville) was renewed at $85 per hour.

Full minutes of council meetings are posted on the municipal website within a few days of meetings. www.municipalitepontiac.com/en/council-and-municipal-committees/minutes-of-council-meetings/
(En français, Procès verbaux) www.municipalitepontiac.com/fr/conseil-et-comites-municipaux/proces-verbaux/