Pontiac council report - lack of communication?
Mo Laidlaw

Over 60 people packed the Breckenridge fire station community room for the regular council meeting on 13 May 2014.

Public input - young families’ needs
Many people had come to support Groupe Action Jeunesse’s summer day camp which is in jeopardy because of lack of space, no municipal support, or poor communication. Several parents will meet Mayor Roger Larose to sort this out.

Karine Lacroix spoke on behalf of five day care operators, upset with the delay in installing playground equipment in Davis park. $38,438 is being returned to those who paid into the parks and playgrounds fund in 2011 to 2013 on subdividing their properties, because they were billed incorrectly. Three parks in wards 5 and 6 will have to wait until the fund is replenished to have play structures installed, although this work was in the budget: Parc des Hirondelles, $5,000; Parc Davis $19,000; and Parc Bellevue $21,000 (equipment will be installed in each park in this order as funds become available).

Caroline Elsinger complained that several very large trees have been cut in her neighbourhood and asked the municipality to forbid tree cutting for reasons other than safety. She is also upset about ch Bélisle becoming “Dump City.”

Controversial items
Councillors Pontiroli and Amyotte wanted to add several items to the agenda, dealing with access to legal counsel, ending the suspension of the director general, cameras in the municipal offices, and Groupe Action Jeunesse. Mr Larose refused to allow any additions to the agenda and this was passed by a majority.

In the public input at the end of the meeting, Marie-Claude Pineau raised the question of surveillance cameras, saying this is not a common practice for accounting firms. Mr Larose replied that he couldn’t answer while the audit is in progress, but in English said, “the cops installed the cameras,” which contradicts his earlier statement that it was the accounting firm. Councillor Dubé suggested the mayor should not talk about this “police investigation.”

Nicole Gibeault invited council to use more respect and decorum. “Certain exchanges between council members were not in accordance with polite behaviour. It is possible to disagree in a polite manner.”

Legal advice will be sought about the process and legality of the municipality taking over maintenance for non-conforming roads.
An engineer will be asked to prepare plans and call for offers to bring ch Wilmer up to standard for takeover by the municipality, and (another file) to repair ch Maple at the corner of Dubois.
MRC Pontiac will be asked to support the request to the ministry of Transport to build a new entrance to a commercial sector, part of the new development in Quyon (Boulet project). This would be an access from route 148 near the junction with ch Egan.

CCU, urban planning committee
Sheila McCrindle is approved as the new member of the CCU, representing ward 1.
Pierre Gervais’s request for a minor exemption to the rules on setbacks at 87 ch de la Rivière, and Gérard Trudeau’s request to join three lots into one at 5121, 5201 and 5267 route 148 (just south west of junction with Egan) were passed by a majority of council.
Charles Young’s request to the CPTAQ to build a house on a 0.4 ha lot in the farm zone at 1869 ch de la Montagne was supported.

Money matters
The following were approved, by a majority:
Invoices for April amounting to $24,823, fixed expenses of $335,521, and incurred expenses for May of $55,466. 
A borrowing bylaw for a maximum of $249,000 to buy a grader, including all taxes and fees.
$17,822.28 to Association des Propriétaires de la Côte McKay and $8,795.97 to Association du Domaine des Oies for special projects. These amounts will be paid when 3 tenders are presented, and the lowest is accepted.
$725.50 per month ($8,706 per year) for three years to ORCA CTM* to rent GPS systems for 15 municipal vehicles. This was not in the budget.
$3,000 towards the project “Mise en valeur du patrimoine communautaire de la municipalité de Pontiac” (Development of community heritage) with additional $3,500 from the CLD des Collines and maybe funds from the Pacte rurale. This was not in the budget.
$2,302 to increase the municipality’s civil liability insurance from $3 million to $5 million.
$1,680 to Pioneer Wireless for internet service in 2010, if the legal adviser confirms this is legal.
$1,500 to GRH Solutions for human resources support in 2012-2013 and ongoing.
$840 to Pioneer Wireless for internet service, January to April 2014.

Full minutes of council meetings are usually posted on the municipal website within a few days of meetings. www.municipalitepontiac.com/en/council-and-municipal-committees/minutes-of-council-meetings/
(En français, Procès verbaux) www.municipalitepontiac.com/fr/conseil-et-comites-municipaux/proces-verbaux/
Archived reports are at: http://www.heritagepontiac.ca/Municipality 

*According to Géothentic website, ORCA is a small black box, an integrated tool for control of vehicle fleets. It gives a warning when driver exceeds the speed limit or idles (increasing fuel consumption), provides a history of travel and real time tracking.

Photo (Mo Laidlaw): Standing room only in the Breckenridge meeting room.