Pontiac council report - Mayor reassures residents
Mo Laidlaw

Nearly 40 people attended the regular council meeting on 10 June 2014 at the Marcel Lavigne Community Centre.

Public input
Rasto Hlavina, an award-winning sculptor who lives near Luskville, requested the free use of the  community centre in Luskville for the long weekend of Labour Day, for an exhibition of his sculptures. He cannot afford to pay for the hall.

Audit etc.
Joan Belsher suggested that councillors Pontiroli and Amyotte had violated the municipal code of ethics by talking to a journalist at LeDroit about the audit being carried out and the director general’s “paid leave.” Ms Pontiroli replied that Mayor Roger Larose gave the first interview to LeDroit in which he stated he had the support of council, so she contacted the journalist. Mr Amyotte stated that the director general is suspended, a term that Ms Belsher objected to - perhaps a translation problem. Mr Larose clarified that he has been advised by the lawyer to keep quiet. He still believes in transparency and will let everyone know about the audit and other questions when he is able.

Councillor Amyotte added an item to the agenda to meet the auditor and lawyer in camera (huis clos) to discuss the “audit and police investigation.” 
Councillor Dubé suggested, “It is premature to have this meeting,” and a majority voted against it.

Jacques Richer, Mark Gricken and Sylvie Biron had complaints about the temporary repairs to ch Pères Dominicains, lack of calcium and resulting dust. Mr Larose said, “We don’t want to spend money patching, we want a permanent solution, so we need an engineer’s study. Meanwhile the calcium will be spread soon.” Resolutions were passed to use $75,000 for ch Pères Dominicains (360 users daily) and $50,000 for ch Tremblay (280 users daily), from the sand and quarries fund, to start priority work. 
The municipality received $410,652 from MTQ in 2013 for maintenance of local roads such as ch de la Montagne and Sapinière, the total cost is estimated to be $1.4 million.

A new alarms bylaw was adopted to standardize with the rest of MRC des Collines.

The community centre in Quyon (Lions Club) is owned by the municipality which has to keep it in good condition. A request was made for three estimates to bring it up to building code.

Money matters
The following were approved since the last regular meeting:
Invoices for May amounting to $35,393, fixed expenses of $293,301, and incurred expenses for June of $13,211. 
$1,266,440 to Location Martin Lalonde Inc for pick up and transport of garbage and recycling for 4 years.
$14,400 to SDUrbanisme for 180 hours consultation for town planning department.
$7,500 for Savourez le Pontiac / Savour the Pontiac event on August 3, to include two municipal employees for two days.
$6,693 to Plage Albert Tremblay and $992 to Plage J Alexandre Desjardins (beach associations) for special projects. 
$2,903 plus tax to Gordon’s Mobile to repair a municipal Ford Tandem truck.
$2,691 for a student with planning expertise for farmland, and housing and commercial development, for 8 weeks.
A maximum of $2,500 to buy a secure filing cabinet.
Garbage and recycling wheelie-bins will now cost $120, which includes replacement if damaged.

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