Pontiac council report - reducing water wastage in Quyon
Mo Laidlaw

Only 12 people attended the regular council meeting held on 12 August 2014 at the Community Centre (Lions Hall) in Quyon.

Public input
Sue Birt asked for help cleaning up her neighbourhood, where nuisance complaints have been reoccurring since 2007. Work is being carried out on the river bank and it is unclear whether the Ministry of Environment or municipality is aware. The MoE appears to wait until work is complete before inspecting. Mayor Roger Larose indicated that no one has permission to work outside their property lines onto the waterfront.

Debbie Cloutier-Tremblay raised a perennial issue about the signs on the highway indicating for example, “Pontiac 21 km” after one has entered the municipal boundaries. (These ministry of Transport signs indicate the distance to the centre point or town hall of a municipality). “I’m concerned about (our MNA) André Fortin’s ability to do things”, she said. Next she complained about “the people living in ward 6, who think they are royalty. Someone complaining every week in the French newspaper.”

Rick Knox asked about follow-up of residents parking heavy equipment on lots where it is not allowed. “Other operations are popping up. Is the municipality looking after it? What priority does it have? Does the municipality have the ability to enforce its bylaws?” Mr Larose replied that he takes these files seriously. “We will be stricter next year, following the bylaw.”

Bylaw restricting use of drinking water
This applies only to users of the municipal water system in Quyon. Hand watering is allowed at any time, but using sprinklers or soaker hoses is limited to 8 pm to 11 pm on even dates for even numbered addresses, and odd dates for odd-numbered addresses. Automatic watering systems can only be used between 3 am and 6 am on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Watering new lawns, newly planted trees and shrubs is allowed during the day of planting and for 15 days following between 8 pm and 11 pm. Filling existing swimming pools is not allowed between 6 am and 8 pm. Decorative fountains must recirculate water.
If there is a drought, or a water main breaks, or it’s necessary to fill a municipal reservoir, watering except by hand can be forbidden. There are fines payable for contravening this bylaw, varying from $100 to $1000 plus costs.

Minor exemption
An existing building at 2072 ch Gauvin (on Lac des Loups) was granted a minor exemption to the zoning bylaw. It is 2.6 m closer to the road, and 10 m closer to the high water line than required by the bylaw. Councillor Dubé voted against.

Money matters
The following were approved since the last regular meeting:
Invoices for July amounting to $47,796, fixed expenses of $333,628, and incurred expenses for August of $4,919. 
$24,684.65 (includes taxes) to Jason Hynes Construction Inc to repair ch Maple.
$10,000 maximum to hire temporary staff as required, up to the end of the year.
$9,395 less costs of compaction tests to Raymond Bélisle to replace a culvert on ch de la Rivière. Maximum $2,500 for required compaction tests on ch de la Rivière and ch Proven.
$5,000 to the CDE de Pontiac for planning and development activities for the Parc du Sault-des-Chats.
$3,960 plus tax to hire a temporary administration, management and support employee for 15 hours a week for 8 weeks at $33 per hour.
$3,500 to register the mayor and interim DG at the Fédération Québécoise des Municipalités congress.
$600 to buy various items for Fire Service cadets.
The offer of Nadeau Fournier Arpenteurs Géomètres to survey the junction of ch Cimetière and 2ième concession.

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