Pontiac council report - Tender for new fire truck accepted
Mo Laidlaw

About 24 people attended the regular council meeting held on 9 September 2014 at the Marcel Lavigne Community Centre in Luskville.

Public input
Replying to questions from Marie-Claude Pineau, Mayor Roger Larose said that the study on the state of the Lions Club building in Quyon will be available to the public as soon as it has been tabled at a council meeting. Money to pay temporary staff comes from the budgets of the departments where these people are employed. On hearing that the legal advice from Deveau, Bourgeois, Gagné, Hébert & associés, concerning the recent audit, had been only given verbally, Mme Pineau asked which councillors had been present when this advice was given. Mr Larose replied that this matter is confidential and he cannot discuss it in public.

M. Séguin raised the matter of the part of route 148 that does not conform to provincial standards (between Breckenridge creek and Aylmer). “When is MTQ going to do something? There was the fatal crash at Breckenridge, and today another vehicle left the road.” Mr Larose said he is working with MNA André Fortin and the MTQ to try and get some action.

Mme Prévost complained about the lack of reliable high speed internet where she lives, so she cannot work at home.

Sue Birt spoke at the end of the meeting and congratulated council on the improvement in mutual respect. On the other hand she wasn’t impressed by someone in the audience who loudly commented when a councillor voted against a motion. “Councillors should continue to question and not follow blindly”, Ms Birt said.

New Staff
Jalloul Salah, B.Urb., has been hired as head of the planning (urbanisme) department.

Alain Bourgeois, B.Ing, MSc., is hired for two months . He’s a cilvil engineer and will be working on infrastructure and public works projects.

Fire prevention
An MRC bylaw regarding fire prevention in high risk buildings was adopted. This transfers responsibility to the MRC for fire prevention in places like day cares. The Pontiac Fire department will however inspect day cares as soon as possible, because it may be some time before the MRC organizes inspections.

New no parking areas
Parking will not be allowed opposite the Maison de la Famille, 1074 rue de Clarendon, or opposite 825 rue de Clarendon, an apartment building. Both places have been the site of several collisions and near-collisions recently.

Money matters
The following were approved:
Invoices for August amounting to $54,961, fixed expenses of $315,976, and incurred expenses for September of $11,714. 
The tender from Aero-Fen for pumper-tanker truck for the fire department, at a cost of $393,214 including taxes. This was the only offer received.
The municipal share (10%) of the social housing deficit is $6,854.
The cost of translation and mailing of the MADA questionnaire (about needs for seniors) to 2,455 households is $3,500. This was not in the budget.
$3,000 from the municipality for an agreement with CRÉO, who will provide $3,500.

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