Pontiac council report - public input on strategic plan?
Mo Laidlaw

About 20 people attended the regular council meeting held on 11 November 2014 at the Marcel Lavigne Community Centre in Luskville.

Public input
Kevin Brady asked about the status of the municipality’s strategic plan, and whether there will be a public consultation on this important subject. Mayor Roger Larose replied that he is planning to do this, there is money in the budget, but he is waiting for the MRC master plan to be decided first. Mr Brady suggested there should be citizen input before the master plan is accepted. Mr Larose stated that the MRC will hold a public consultation.

Rick Knox asked if names and addresses can be given in the agenda and minutes on requests to the CPTAQ and building permits, so that people can know if neighbours are proposing changes, instead of only giving the lot number. Mr Larose suggested that council should be only considering the land, not the ownership, and perhaps this information is private. “We have to verify this with the lawyer.” However this information and more is available to the public on the MRC’s online listing of the evaluation roll.

Madeleine Carpentier asked when the ward 5 meeting will be held. Mr Larose said, “We forgot. This will be in 2015.”

Report on finances
The mayor read his report on the financial situation of the municipality, which has to be presented four weeks before the budget. This is available online at: www.municipalitepontiac.com in English and French, or from the Town Hall in Luskville.

CPTAQ requests
Council supported the request to the CPTAQ to build a single family house on a one acre lot in the farm zone, described as Lot P21B, Range 5, Township of Onslow, (3891 route 148, between Wiggins and Westbrook). They also supported the request to add about half an acre from farmland (lot 2682653), to an existing half acre residential lot (2682870) to make it conform to municipal bylaws (a minimum of 3700 m2). This lot is at 151 ch Alary.

A notice of motion was given for a bylaw to allow the municipality to charge fees for requests to the CPTAQ, in addition to the government fee, as much paperwork is required to make and follow up these requests.

“Lions Club” building
The report from architect Pierre Morimanno, on the cost of corrective work for the Quyon community centre was tabled, so it is now available to the public. Mr Larose said it will cost $727,000 to bring the building up to standard. This suggests that a new building, for which grants are available, would be more cost effective.

The question period at the end of the meeting brought some light relief, except perhaps to Scott McDonald, who was taken to court by the municipality and fined over $300 for keeping chickens on a residential lot. “Why do I have to move to the city to raise chickens?” he asked. The updated zoning bylaws, in limbo since the last council elections, will allow a few chickens to be kept in residential areas. The mayor said,”Now we have a town planner we will be able to update the bylaws. A neighbour complained and we only need one complaint to act. We have to enforce the bylaws.”

Money matters
The following were approved:
Invoices for October amounting to $36,911, fixed expenses of $318,093, and incurred expenses for November of $5,470.
$15,000 maximum for a geotechnical study of ch de la Montagne, before repair work planned to be carried out in 2015.
$3,024 to notary Me Sylvie Pichette for work done so far on notarizing Hurdman road, which is a municipal road. She is mandated to prepare servitudes to legalize the changes made in the location of the road.

Minutes of council meetings are posted on the municipal website. www.municipalitepontiac.com/en/council-and-municipal-committees/minutes-of-council-meetings/
(En français, Procès verbaux) www.municipalitepontiac.com/fr/conseil-et-comites-municipaux/proces-verbaux/
Mo’s reports are archived at: www.heritagepontiac.ca/Municipality