Pontiac council report - everyone pays for Quyon’s water system cost overruns
Mo Laidlaw

Over 30 people attended the regular council meeting held on 9 December 2014 at the Marcel Lavigne Community Centre in Luskville.

Quyon’s drinking water upgrade, who pays?
Several residents had comments on the proposal that the $185,645 cost overrun for upgrading the drinking water system in Quyon be paid from the working capital, so that all residents pay. Paul Robillard asked (rhetorically) “If I have a problem with my well, will other residents pay? This sets a precedent.”
Acting director general Benedikt Kuhn explained that according to the municipal code (article 980.1), if a loan is insufficient the municipality must pay out of working capital. A further loan is not allowed.
Carol Carpentier said this is not fair, as residences with wells tend to have higher evaluation, so these owners will pay a higher proportion of the tax. Another resident mentioned that the well water at the school in Luskville is not drinkable.
Michel Séguin said he is not happy about the proposal, and is still waiting for the (Terratubes) septic sludge treatment. “We (non-Quyon residents) paid 25% of the sewage treatment plant cost.”
Scott McDonald asked “What will it cost me?” Mayor Roger Larose replied, $2.50 per year for 10 years for a house valued at $100,000.
Councillors Amyotte and Pontiroli proposed an amendment, that the $185,645 would be paid by a special tax on the users of the drinking water system, as allowed in the second paragraph of article 980.1. (About $400 for each property). This amendment was rejected by the four other councillors who proceeded to pass the original proposal - all residents pay to refund the working capital, over ten years.

Snowmobile trails in Gatineau Park
Another potentially contentious issue received unanimous support from council. The NCC were given a final demand to remove the beaver dams that are causing flooding on ch Lac Curley, a municipal road inside Gatineau Park, within five days, or the municipality will remedy the problems at the NCC’s expense. Secondly, the municipality gives the Association des motoneigistes de Pontiac permission to do grading work on ch Lac Curley, and will supply surplus used culverts for this work.

Application will be made for a grant to pay 50% of the cost of necessary work at the two libraries, from a regional project “aménagement BIBLIO”. The amount identified is $44,061 which includes renewing the roof of the Quyon library, and necessary equipment for both libraries.

As the ecocentre is closed for an undetermined time, the contracts with La Ferme HGAL (Alain Larose) to operate the ecocentre, and with Amor Construction Inc, to supply and transport containers, are cancelled.
Councillor Denis Dubé asked everyone to recycle as much as possible. Dumping garbage costs the municipality about four times the cost of recycling at the MRC sorting centre (per ton).

Fire department
Two young men who took part in the junior firefighter program were hired as voluntary firefighters: Braeden Picard and William Cowan Ramsay.

Money matters
The following were approved:
For November: Invoices amounting to $41,204 and fixed expenses of $365,181. Incurred expenses for December: $11,437.
$39,000 to Brent Mainville for supervision of Luskville Park, including maintaining the ice rink, for three years.

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