Pontiac council report - ice fishers need to be controlled
Mo Laidlaw

Over 30 people attended the regular council meeting held on 20 January 2015 at the Marcel Lavigne Community Centre in Luskville.

Thoughtless ice fishers causing problems
Steven Partridge, representing l’Association des résidents du Domaine des Oies, described the problems occurring at the river end of ch Terry-Fox, at this time of year because of ice fishing and snowmobiles. At least 10 residents from the area supported him. Mr Partridge described the following: “A municipal sign indicates that there is a river access, but there is no control. Residents are concerned about the impact on safety and quality of life. The MRC Police are not enforcing the 15 km/h speed limit. There are traffic jams on Terry-Fox. There’s noise: skidoos and trucks at all hours, speeding and revving engines. People are parking on private property. Ice fishermen drive up and down to check their lines. There are parties with more than 12 vehicles, mostly 2-seater pickups. Drunk driving is probable. There are unlicensed trailers; and skidoos and ATVs on Terry-Fox, where they are not allowed. The river is a “park” and access should not be allowed overnight between 11 pm and 7 am.”

Mayor Roger Larose said that the municipal sign would be removed the next day - it was originally installed to prevent people with trucks and trailers driving the length of Cedarvale looking for a river access (on private property) and then being unable to turn round. The MRC Police will be notified of the reduced speed limit, the ban on off-road vehicles, and parking bylaws.
“It is important to analyse access and launch ramps for the river,” Mr Larose said. He and public works will work with Gatineau since Terry-Fox is the municipal boundary. A resolution covering all of this was passed.

In the question period at the end of the meeting, Bill Twolan suggested that, “Sportsmen need access to the river, in summer and winter. A club could make a snow road, regulate ice shacks with fees, and set a deadline for removing them. Shacks should carry the name and address of the owner and reflectors to make them visible at night. Littering must be discouraged.”
Mr Larose replied: “We need the right access point.”
It was unclear what provincial or federal regulations may already cover fishing huts on the Ottawa River.

Study for community buildings
A professional firm will be sought to carry out an analysis of the needs for community buildings across the municipality, and the type and location of greatest need. Community buildings may also stimulate the local economy. Renting for private gatherings will help pay for maintenance. The report will be presented to council. This study is necessary to receive provincial infrastructure grants.

Planning committee
Pontiac residents Nicole Lavigne, Paul Boudreault and Thomas Soulière were named to the CCU (planning committee). Existing members Sheila McCrindle, Stéphane Alary and Bernard Marquis had their positions renewed.

Council supported the request to the CPTAQ to build a house on “farmland” at 4159 ch River. This is a one acre lot in a residential area, owned by Yvon Bosse and Nicole Duval.

Municipal administration
Engineer Alain Bourgeois’s contract is extended a further two months to the end of February to allow work on the municipal road network and sewage treatment infrastructures.

A resolution to adopt a remuneration policy for executive staff was adopted by a majority. Councillors Amyotte and Pontiroli voted against, saying that the version of the resolution was only presented at the meeting and they had not had time to study it.

The bylaw on fees was modified to add fees of $300 for requests to the CPTAQ, and for storing and spreading biosolids (sewage sludge). The existing fee for requests to the CPTAQ goes to the commission. It is estimated that the new fees will cover the municipality’s cost for processing applications.

Money matters
The following were approved since the last regular meeting:
For December: Invoices amounting to $36,569 and fixed expenses of $422,639. Incurred expenses for January: $15,596.
Expenses for work on roads subject to a grant of $60,000 from the ministry of Transport.
$5,400 plus tax to Nugent Construction Inc for snowploughing ch Camp Gatineau for this winter (one year).
$2,000 for part of the costs of the public consultation on 7 February, on making the municipality friendly for seniors (MADA).

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