Pontiac council report - should Tim Horton’s camp pay municipal tax?
Mo Laidlaw

For the second month running there was low public attendance at the regular council meeting held on 10 March 2015 at the Marcel Lavigne Community Centre in Luskville.

Taxing Tim Horton’s camp
Mayor Roger Larose voted to break a tie in the vote to ask the CMQ (Québec municipal commission) to remove the exemption from paying taxes for the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation. The camp property at 60 ch du Canal is valued at $6,158,200, which Mr Larose said should bring in $35,000 per year in taxes, a new source of revenue in this time of economic austerity. Councillors Pontiroli and Amyotte voted against this resolution, because The Foundation is a charitable organisation. [la Fondation Tim Horton pour les enfants.]

Agreement with NCC
Council agreed to accept a contribution of $5,000 from the NCC (National Capital Commission) to support the strategic plan for recreo-touristic development of Pontiac and Gatineau Park. [« Planification stratégique de développement récréotouristique de Pontiac et du Parc de la Gatineau »]

Town planning
$5,600 plus taxes was approved for SDUrbanisme and Géographe to help determine the constraints and potential of Pontiac’s territory, for town planning and economic development, as part of the revision of the Schema d'aménagement (Land Use plan) for the MRC des Collines. Stéphane Doré has local knowledge and experience.

Several requests for minor deviations to zoning bylaws were approved:
To allow construction of a house at 81 ch Kawartha in Breckenridge, at only 4 m from the side line of the lot instead of 5 m. (There is a stream running through this lot.)
For properties at 110 and 116 des Trappeurs (beach properties off ch River) to allow increasing the size of the lots by distributing the intervening lot between the two lots, although in both cases the resulting lots are well below the standard of 3,700 m2 for unserviced lots.
To allow a garage to be built at 7 m from the front of the property at 799 ch du Saphir, instead of 10 m. This is a beach property near ch Kennedy.

Madeleine Carpentier asked about minor deviations required for 7 non-conforming lots at the proposed Domaine des Chutes subdivision, just north of the town hall. Mayor Roger Larose clarified that studies for wells have to be carried out and the project is not yet approved.

Supporting Val des Monts
A resolution was passed supporting the municipality of Val des Monts in their request to the CPTAQ (Farmland protection commission) and MAMOT (Municipal affairs) to exclude a lot from farm zoning, in order to build a new elementary school.

A bylaw to take out a new loan to pay off the remaining balance of $1,828,000 plus costs of $36,560 was tabled to pay for the sewage treatment system in Quyon.
A resolution was passed to pay the costs of refinancing several loans amounting to $2,030,000 from the general fund at the end of 2014, instead of from working capital.
A bylaw to borrow $2 million for road work was passed by a majority of councillors.

Other money matters
The following were approved since the last regular meeting:
For February, invoices amounting to $25,021 and fixed expenses of $390,928. Incurred expenses for March: $6,151.
A maximum of $12,000 plus taxes to Gordon Cousineau, to carry out a study of the needs for community buildings in the municipality, being the only offer received. Councillors Amyotte and Pontiroli voted against this. Mr Amyotte said that the original resolution to obtain more than one offer was not respected.
Grants to the following recreational associations: Association récréative de Beechgrove $2,000; Groupe Action Jeunesse de Luskville $6,000; Club d’âge d’Or de Quyon $1,000; Les Blés d’Or de Luskville $1,500; Municipalité de Shawville $6,600 (for the rink); Comité de la Fête du Canada à Quyon $2,500; Association récréative et sportive de Quyon $8,900. Before cheques are issued Beechgrove RA and the Quyon Canada Day committee will have to comply with the eligibility criteria.
$2,500 as a contribution to the Seniors round table (Table autonome des aînées des Collines). This was passed by a majority, with the mayor voting to break a tie.
The agreement last month to pay $1,715.80 to the Commission Scolaire des Portages-de-l’Outaouais to replace equipment in the Notre-Dame-de-la-Joie school gym was cancelled on learning that this equipment is for the sole use of students at the school, not by the community.

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