Pontiac council report - Cleanup weekend, May 16-17
Mo Laidlaw

About 15 people attended the regular council meeting held on 14 April 2015 at the Marcel Lavigne Community Centre in Luskville. As well as the mayor and councillors the new head of Communications and assistant to general management, Dominic Labrie was present. Another new staff member was hired since the last meeting: Michel Trudel, head of the Public works department.

Chemin Braun
Wayne Harris asked when ch Braun would be paved and how much has already been spent on surveying, digging, and spreading gravel that is now in the ditch. “A few people are opposed to paving, but there are many young families living on this mud road, where you can’t walk the dog if it’s been raining, and the gravel wears out brakes and cars. Why is there money in the budget if you’re not going to pave?” Mayor Roger Larose replied that now we have an engineer we can come up with a better solution than paving on top of mud. Repairing the road foundation is paid 100% by the municipality, paving is split 50:50 between residents and the municipality.

Town planning
Members of the CCU (town planning committee) will be paid as follows: chair, $100 per meeting, members $50 per meeting, payable quarterly. Councillors are not paid extra to sit on the CCU. The secretary, who is not a member of the CCU, will be paid $75 per meeting.

Fire Department,
Fire drills will be carried out as soon as possible, to allow residents of municipal housing in Quyon to become familiar with emergency evacuation procedures. The fire prevention officer of the municipality, and that of the MRC will work together on this.

Municipal Cleanup
The first edition of a municipality-wide cleanup will be held on May 16 and 17. This follows the example of many roads, neighbourhoods and individuals that have organized cleanup days in the past. Roadsides and parks will be targeted. The Public Works department will help pick up and dispose of the collected garbage. Look out for more information on this!

Transfer of Quyon fair grounds to the municipality
Discussions are taking place with Quyon Ensemble about transferring ownership of the Fair grounds and the Elvis building to the municipality, so that the municipality can maintain the park.

The audited financial report for 2014 was tabled, and will be sent to Municipal Affairs (MAMROT). There was a surplus of $547,000. The report can be consulted at : http://www.municipalitepontiac.com/files/9114/2919/6249/RAPPORT_FINANCIER_2014_2.pdf

Other money matters
The following were approved:
For March, invoices amounting to $11,717 and fixed expenses of $372,521. Incurred expenses for April: $30,369.
Cubicles (partitions) will be bought for a maximum of $2,500 to allow several work stations to be set up within one room in the town hall, so that privacy for residents’ files is maintained.
Since three cabinets for defibrillators were paid out of general funds, the remaining $488 in the Kelly fund will be transferred to general funds and the bank account closed.

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