Pontiac council report - drainage study in Breckenridge
Mo Laidlaw

As usual the May meeting was held at the Breckenridge fire hall, on the 12th. Unlike last year when it was standing room only, there were only 12 members of the public and no questions at the start of the meeting. As well as the mayor and councillors, Benedikt Kuhn, Dominic Labrie and Ginette Chévrier-Bottrill from the municipal administration were present.

New hires
The municipality has received a grant from the CLD des Collines for PALSIS (Plan d’Action Local pour la Solidarité et l’Inclusion Sociale), or Local action plan for solidarity and social inclusion. It intends to use this grant to hire a community development officer.
A student in Environmental Engineering will be hired to identify septic systems for $10.55/hr for a maximum of 227.5 hours. A Federal grant of 50% is available to pay for this.

Support for artists living in the municipality
Local artists will be offered space to exhibit their works within the town hall.

The widening of highway 148 between Maple and Terry-Fox (in 2016) is expected to have a negative impact on drainage downstream of the project, i.e. towards the river. The ministry of Transport (MTQ) has agreed to carry out an engineering study to mitigate the impact of this by prioritizing and resolving problems that cause damage to private property or municipal infrastructure. MTQ must provide plans to the municipality to allow it to carry out this work, and pay the costs of the study, of any work resulting from the road work, and all costs on private land including improvements. A resolution was passed to approve the agreement.

CPTAQ request
A majority of council supported a request to the commission on protection of farmland (CPTAQ) to allow two residences to be built on two lots at 1922 ch de la Montagne, described as “in the heart of a residential development”, although with farmland on both sides. Councillors Dubé and Amyotte voted against.

Borrowing bylaw
The bylaw authorizing a loan of $2 million over 20 years for road works was passed by a majority of council, with Councillors Amyotte and Pontiroli voting against it. A delay of 45 days occurred since the first reading to allow a register to be held.

Cleaning ditches and grading of Tolerance roads
Tolerance roads will be graded by the municipal grader (where possible) when the grader is in the area. Ditches will also be cleaned as part of the four year program for all municipal ditches, to help manage runoff. Road association members will be invoiced for these services. This was passed by a majority. Councillors Howard and Middlemiss didn’t want members to be invoiced and voted against.

Grader rental
As the Champion 1996 grader needs repairs that will take a few weeks, a grader will be rented from Robert Erwin Transport Inc for $60 per hour (for hours used only).

Public input at the end of the meeting
Debbie Cloutier-Tremblay is annoyed by horse manure on municipal roads. This seems to be an opportunity for someone to provide top quality natural fertilizer for gardeners.
Rick Knox congratulated council for finally hiring summer students (with the assistance of federal grants).

Money matters
The following were approved:
For April, invoices amounting to $26,979 and fixed expenses of $284,759. Incurred expenses for May: $51,092.
$20,136.80 to Jambette, to buy and install a play structure in Parc Bellevue (Breckenridge).
$2,873.23 to Multi-Jeux Marlin to install a play structure in Parc des Hirondelles (Plage-François-Tremblay).
The municipal contribution to OMH (municipal housing), $5,113 for 2015.

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