Pontiac council report - Quyon’s councillor resigns.
Mo Laidlaw

The regular Pontiac council meeting on 14 July 2015 was held at the Marcel Lavigne community centre in Luskville. Fourteen members of the public were present.

Frogs and tourists vs. development
Sheila McCrindle asked if there was more information about the municipality’s responsibility for protecting the Western chorus frog, [Rainette faux-grillon de l'Ouest] a species with vulnerable status in Québec, that lives in the ditch along ch Hôtel-de-ville, which could be affected by future development of Domaine des Chutes as a subdivision. Mayor Roger Larose replied that nothing will be disturbed within 15 m of the ditch, and a line of trees will be maintained along the road to shield the view of houses from tourists visiting the Luskville Falls, which Ms McCrindle suggested could be the most visited natural site in the municipality. Larose continued, “Legally, we can’t stop the development, the land was rezoned (from farmland) in 1975.”

Agenda for the meeting
Councillor Jean Amyotte asked to add several items to the agenda. (As follows, added later:)
Item 5.12 Apology letter to Mrs. Sheila McCrindle
Item 5.13 Access and distribution of information – Municipal Council
Item 5.14 Legal advice –Terry-Fox road – access to the river
Item 7.9 Maintenance of shoulders, ditches and hiking trails – Ward 6
Item 8.7 Treatment and disposal of sludge
Mr Larose said that these resolutions should have been brought up at the caucus meeting. A majority of councillors voted against adding these items to the agenda.

Municipal employees
A middle manager in the urbanism department has resigned, another employee is on sick leave. It is a busy time for issuing building permits so the Director will be paid overtime for hours over 40 hours per week, for a maximum of 10 hours per week, until a new employee is hired.
Valerie Normandin is confirmed as Acting office clerk. She has been doing this job as an agency employee since February.
Mathieu Hull is hired as fire prevention officer for three months.

The council accepted Councillor Denis Dubé’s resignation and handed out a press release thanking him and listing his contributions to public life during his mandate.

The Ministry of Transport will be reminded that drainage, ditching, culverts and paving work is required on ch du Lac-des-Loups between Swamp and Alexander, and from Farrell to the end of the paved road.

All levels of government will asked to support a ban on microbeads - tiny plastic particles used in some toothpaste and cosmetics, that end up in rivers and lakes and are a danger to wildlife.

Manon Labrosse is appointed as the citizen representative on the Commission culturelles des Collines.

A letter will be sent to the Commission scolaire des Portages-de-l’Outaouais indicating council’s disapproval of the proposal to send 10 primary students to a Gatineau school because of insufficient room at the Notre-Dame-de-la-Joie building in Luskville. Another solution, such as a temporary classroom is suggested. (Students living in the east half of the municipality and attending English schools are already bussed to the Aylmer sector of Gatineau).

Money matters
The following were approved:
For June, invoices amounting to $61,854 and fixed expenses of $355,464. Incurred expenses for July: $50,871.
Water treatment system maintenance
$21,075 to buy “a number” of nano membranes.
$4,025 maximum to buy ozone generator coolers.
$3,473 to Vert Ozone Inc for maintenance of the Dagua Flo process.
$1,180 maximum to buy repair kits for coolers for ozone generators.
Other amounts approved
$9,801 to Marcel Baril Ltée to buy culverts for work in 2015.
$5,625 maximum for a rotary laser level to assist with ditching work.
A call for offers to extermination services for preventive treatment against rodents, for a maximum of $5,000 per year.
$4,204 per year for rental of AutoCAD software to model water, sewer and road networks.
$2,603 to Eric Thérien to repair the Fire department’s 2004 Dodge RAM SSI truck.
A maximum of $2,000 for a lamp standard at the Russell road/ route 148 intersection. (The fire department use Russell road for access to the river.)
$1,250 maximum for a metal detector for the Public works department.

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