Pontiac council report - support for Pontiac Country Fair
Mo Laidlaw

The regular Pontiac council meeting on 8 September 2015 in Luskville was attended by Councillors Howard, Pontiroli and Draper-Maxsom, and Mayor Larose; municipal officials Benedikt Kuhn, Ginette Chevrier Bottrill, Dominic Labrie and the new Community development officer Meghan Lewis, as well as a few members of the public.

For August, invoices amounting to $37,558 and fixed expenses of $261,753 were approved. Incurred expenses for September, $17,309 were accepted.

$7,500 was authorized for the Pontiac Country Fair to be held at the Luskville Falls picnic area, on Thanksgiving weekend, to help promote the municipality, its organizations and artisans.

Compensation of $450 was authorized by a majority of council to pay for damage to a motor vehicle caused by gravel spilt from a faulty municipal truck.

A request for HPS street lighting at three intersections on route 148: at Kennedy road, Wiggins road, and Russell road, were sent to Hydro-Québec. Costs of installation and electricity for a total of $1600 plus tax will be covered by the municipality.

At a special meeting on September 15th, Council accepted the offer from Innovision for $3342 plus tax for electoral support services for the election of a new councillor in Quyon, and granted Bristol Dryland Canadian Dog Race Championship $1000 to help promote the event.

Unpaid property taxes
Three resolutions concerning sale of property for nonpayment of taxes were passed: to allow the MRC des Collines to proceed with the sale, to give a notary the mandate to complete the legal descriptions of properties, and to allow the acting Director General or acting assistant DG authority to bid on certain properties in the name of the municipality.

Council supported two requests to the CPTAQ (Commission to protect farmland) to allow residential use of farmland. For lot 14B-3, range 5, Onslow, “to stop it being used as an illegal dump.” This lot is situated NW of the intersection of 5th Concession and ch. Proven. The other application is for lot 2 682 368, less than a quarter-acre, at 956 ch des Diamants, a residential area near the river, east of ch Kennedy.

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