Pontiac council report - ch de la Montagne repairs
Mo Laidlaw

The regular Pontiac council meeting on 13 October 2015 in Luskville was attended by about 20 members of the public.

Sheila McCrindle launched the public input by congratulating Council on the successful Pontiac Country Fair, held in conjunction with the National Capital Commission as the third weekend of Fall Rhapsody, and coinciding with the long Thanksgiving weekend. “We’re onto something here, cooperating with the NCC.” Mayor Roger Larose stated that there were 6000 visitors to the public-market style event at the entrance to the Luskville Falls trail, over three days. Ms McCrindle then expressed her feeling that the subdivision plan for the north side of ch Hotel-de-Ville should be cancelled. “We won’t have 6000 people coming out to the country, if it’s next to a suburban development,” she suggested.

Two members of the public questioned whether former mayor Eddie McCann is eligible to run for councillor in Quyon in the upcoming by-election caused by the resignation of Denis Dubé. He appeared to have outstanding debts to pay his expenses from the last Council elections. Director General Benedikt Kuhn said “We had to accept his candidacy, we’re not judge or jury.” Mr McCann has stated that he does not owe anyone anything for election expenses, which he paid with his own money, and he has received the go-ahead from Elections Québec.

For September, invoices amounting to $34,540 and fixed expenses of $353,814 were approved. Incurred expenses for October, $52,559 were accepted.

Benedikt Kuhn was confirmed as Director General and Ginette Chevrier-Bottrill as Assistant DG, posts that they have held in a temporary capacity since July 2014. Mr Kuhn will undertake further training required for the job.

Ch de la Montagne repairs and paving
On 22 September, Council accepted the lowest conforming tender from Excavasphalte for $1,364,967 for repairs to 3 km of ch de la Montagne westward from Townline, where Chelsea begins. This was the lowest of seven tenders.
The contract to supervise the work is given to Quadrivium Conseil Inc, the only engineering firm tendering, for $43,771.
Groupe ABS Inc are awarded a contract for $18,750 for quality control of material used for the repairs.

Other contracts
The snowploughing contract for the next 3 years for sector B (North Onslow) is awarded to Anita Trudeau for $411,243; and that for sector C (South Onslow) to Mountainview Turf for $342,626.

The roof of the library in Quyon needs urgent repairs before the winter. (It was stated on 11 November that “30 year” shingles were installed for a cost of $12,588.) This amount will be removed from the request for a provincial grant for library assistance as it will not be available in time. The request will now be for $31,312, for improving both Quyon and Luskville libraries.

Two proposals were received for carrying out pest control in municipal buildings. The contract for three years goes to Nature (177863 Canada Inc) for $11,789 per year.

$1500 will be contributed to an MRC project to build a structure next to the town hall as part of a heritage circuit. This will provide information and interpretation on cultural and natural heritage in the municipality.

Council agreed to offer the kitchen and an office at the Luskville Community Centre to the Grenier des Collines (Food bank). There will be an anti-waste squad and a $100 per night subsidy for a collective kitchen.

Fire department
Seven firefighters who have been inactive or have moved away, are dismissed from the fire department. Another seven firefighters with Pompier 1 certificates are qualified to be instructors, for which they will receive $25 per hour.

Council supported a request to the CPTAQ (Commission to protect farmland) to allow a sandpit on lots 8A and 8B range 7, Onslow, to be extended. This is 200 acres, north of Steele Line and west of Swamp, on either side of ch Lac des Loups, which goes almost east-west at this point. The owners are Robert Erwin Transport Inc., and Constructions Deschênes Quebec Ltée, based in Mississauga.

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